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Mason 21 Feb,2024

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Niko Lalos defies the typical mold of an NFL player. He didn't emerge from a renowned college football program, wasn't selected in the draft, and juggled roles as both defensive and tight ends. Yet, through sheer determination, adaptability, and love for the sport, he's carved out a notable presence in the league.

In Akron, Ohio, Lalos attended St. Vincent–St. Mary High School, notable for producing basketball legend LeBron James. While he played both basketball and football, it was the latter where he truly shined, earning recognition as a two-time All-Ohio selection and aiding in two state championship victories.

High School Excellence

Despite his high school achievements, Lalos didn't receive many offers from Division I football programs. Opting for Dartmouth College, known more for academics than athletics, he pursued economics and engineering while showcasing his skills on the football field.

Niko-LalosNiko-Lalos has a net worth of $500,000Image Source: Instagram 

Beginning as a tight end, Lalos transitioned to defensive end during his sophomore year and excelled, earning first-team All-Ivy League honors in his senior season. His college career boasted impressive stats, including 59 tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 11 sacks, an interception, and a fumble recovery across 24 games.

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College Career

Following his college tenure, Lalos participated in the 2020 Hula Bowl, where he stood out as the defensive MVP, catching the attention of NFL scouts. Despite going undrafted, he signed with the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent, making significant contributions in his rookie season, including a notable interception against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Drafted Stories

Despite a brief from the Giants, Lalos's journey continued as he joined the New Orleans Saints, showcasing his versatility in defensive and offensive roles.

Niko-LalosNiko-Lalos was signed to the New Orleans SaintsImage Source: Instagram 

Niko Lalos inked a one-year deal worth $915,000 with the New Orleans Saints, entailing an average yearly income of $915,000. For 2024, Lalos is set to receive a base salary matching that figure, with a corresponding cap hit of $915,000.

Lalo's persistence and dual-threat capabilities define his current aspirations as he competes for a spot on the Saints roster, aiming to honor his idol Lawrence Taylor by wearing jersey number 57.

Has Niko Faced Setbacks in His Career?

Yes, he has. Lalos suffered a season-ending knee injury in his junior year at Dartmouth, which required surgery and rehabilitation. He also missed some games in his senior year due to a concussion. In the NFL, he was waived by the Giants in 2021 and did not see any action that season.

Niko also had to deal with the uncertainty of playing in the XFL, which was a new and experimental league. Lalos has faced many challenges and obstacles in his career, but he has never given up on his dream of playing in the NFL.

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Is Niko Dating Anyone?

Niko Lalos has maintained a tight lid on his romantic life, opting to keep it undisclosed and preferring a high level of privacy in this regard.

Niko-LalosNiko-Lalos is not dating anyone as of nowImage Source: Instagram 

Niko may have intentionally chosen to remain single to maintain a strong focus on his burgeoning career in football. By prioritizing his professional aspirations, Lalos may be dedicating his time and energy solely to honing his skills and achieving his goals in the NFL.

Charitable Activities

Niko Lalos has actively engaged in charitable endeavors, showcasing his compassion and generosity towards his community. Notably, he contributed to charitable causes such as the Shriners Hospitals for Children through his involvement in the 2020 Hula Bowl, an all-star college football game.

Additionally, Lalos lent his support to fundraising efforts for the Akron Children's Hospital by offering his autographed memorabilia for sale, thereby contributing to the betterment of healthcare services for children in need.

These actions underscore Lalos's commitment to making a positive impact beyond the football field, highlighting him as a caring individual dedicated to giving back to those in his community.

Family Background

Niko Lalos hails from a household headed by a single parent, primarily his mother, Leslie, who previously worked as a teacher. His father, Tim Witkowski, resides in Valley City, Ohio, where he works as a farmer.

Lalos' parents were not married, and they separated when he was around eight or nine years old. Despite the separation, Lalos maintained sporadic contact with his father during his upbringing, though this was often hindered by his father's agricultural responsibilities.

Raised primarily by his mother, Leslie Lalos played a significant role in shaping Niko's upbringing. Despite the fractured relationship with his father, Niko found stability through the guidance of his mother and a father figure named Brooks, who contributed to his personal growth and athletic development.

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