NFL Prospect Malik McDowell attack Michigan police officer, Wrestles The Cop After Getting Tased

by James Wed Jul,2019
 NFL Prospect Malik McDowell attack Michigan police officer, Wrestles The Cop After Getting Tased

Video footage of NFL Draft awaiting defensive tackle Malik McDowell wrestling a policeman has appeared and as per sources McDowell's BAC level was above normal which resulted in an unnatural and rather unfortunate result for the draft expecting player. As per police his body and car smelt drugs but the result show Malik's BAC level at .189.

A regular highway traffic stop became such a full-scale war in a gas station; footages show 6 foot-6 inches NFL player fighting a cop even after a taser was shot by the policeman.

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TMZ Sports is showing McDowell, 23, exchanging words with a policeman from Lathrup Village outside a local gas station, shown in the clip. The cop in the video is clearly heard telling McDowell to have a seat again and again. Once the officials supposedly noticed his vehicle drifting out at speed, the free agent and former Michigan State defensive tackle was pulled over.

An officer in Lathrup Village, Michigan pulled over 23-years-old Footballer Malik McDowell "a 6'6, 300-pound defensive tackle" on a windy February night after catching McDowell's Jeep speeding and drifting on the highway. During the stop in front of a petrol station, the officer asked McDowell to stay in his vehicle, but Malik refused to follow and constantly demanded to speak with a supervisor.

McDowell, after a long back-and-forth conversation, walks into the convenience store of the gas station when the policeman tries to arrest him. The two seem to be wrestling and at a point, McDowell is warned by the policeman that if he refuses the arrest, he will taser him. Then McDowell engages with the police officer, apparently grasping for the Taser.

The officer ordered McDowel to get on his stomach once on the ground, however, the NFL player resisted his orders. Then the policeman uses his taser. That's when McDowell assaults the policeman. Both wrestle around the shop until aided officers back their officers up and assist arrest McDowell. During the battle, McDowell is heard saying "Don't shoot me!" Later, in a police report the back-up officer who participated to McDowell's subjection wrote that Malik "took his arm for my weapon."

The Cops are saying McDowell "has the powerful smell of his intoxicants," but they have not indicated whether they have tasted him positive for drugs however his BAC level was recorded at.189. McDowell was eventually convicted with 2 counts of felony and resistance, 1 misdemeanor of operating while intoxicated and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license.

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