nathaniel prescott

by Sujan 06 Apr,2023
nathaniel prescott
Body Stats
Personal Info
  • Father UnKnown
  • Relationship Status divorced
  • First Name Nathaniel
  • Mother Unknown
  • Engaged Person Name
  • Last Name Prescott
  • Birth Name Nathaniel Prescott
  • Net Worth $2 Million son Net Worth
  • Currently Married No
  • Married to Peggy Prescott
  • Birth Country United States
  • Past married if any yes
  • Divorce Yes
  • Nationality American
  • Profession
  • Famous for Dak Prescott Father
  • Height 177
  • Tatto(s)

Nathaniel Prescott is well-known for being the father of Dak Prescott (an NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who plays American football.) The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award goes to his son Dak.

According to numerous reports, Nathaniel Prescott did play football in his heyday. He was a linebacker who participated in football for Grambling University and Northwestern State. Although it is difficult to confirm, it is possible that Dak inherited his talent for football from the fact that playing football goes in the family.

What else is Nathaniel doing these days other than being the famous father? Know about his Net Worth

He once made headlines due to a marijuana charge. A 500 bond later he was allowed for release. Apart from his legal issues, people are also interested in learning about Dak Prescott's father Nathaniel's Romantic history. 

DakDak Prescott owns Mercedes SOURCE: Instagram @_4dak

As was already mentioned, Nate is only well-known because of his son. Nat has worked and accrued wealth throughout his life, but his net worth hasn't yet been calculated. On the other hand, Dak Prescott, his youngest son, has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Find out everything there is to know about his marriage, the passing of his second wife, and much more.

Nathaniel Prescott Was Married Twice

The former commercial driver had been married twice before Nat's union. Dallas' father is not very forthcoming about his personal life, making it challenging to determine who were his first wife and the circumstances surrounding their divorce.

Nathaniel Nathaniel Prescott's Love Life SOURCE: Instagram @_4dak

To this day, details about his first marriage, such as the name of his first wife, the date of their nuptials, and the reason for their divorce, remain a secret. But it is known that he had an Elliot, a boy, from that union. Sadly, no current information is known about Elliot and his mother.

But afterward, Prescott got married to Peggy Prescott, a European-American woman, for the second time. Similar to his first marital connection, the specifics regarding his second marriage also remained largely secret so far.

Even though they had promised to be together forever, the couple eventually got divorced while their kids were still young and in school.

What Happened to Dak Prescott’s Mother?

Dak Prescott's mother, Peggy Prescott, passed away on 3rd November 2013 at the age of 52 years old due to colon cancer while Dak was in his sophomore year at Mississippi State. Despite her illness, Dak continued to play football and even earned the MVP title in the Liberty Bowl.

Dak Dak Prescott loves his mom SOURCE: Instagram @_4dak

He believes that his mother would have wanted him to keep playing. Dak honors his mother's memory every Mother's Day and uses his platform as an athlete to raise awareness about cancer through the Faith Fight Finish Foundation.

The Foundation established by Dak in his mother's honor supports those facing difficult challenges in life.

Nathaniel Was Arrested In The Case Of Marijuana

On his trip to Orange County Highway 87 in August 2018, Nathaniel was caught with marijuana in his car. He was detained after being stopped at a traffic light. Following the reporter, Peter Eliopoulos's tweet, which read,

Nathaniel Nathaniel Prescot was detained for his act SOURCE: Youtube

Texas DPS arrests father of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on marijuana charges. 57-year-old Nathaniel Prescott was stopped on Highway 87 in Orange County on Saturday afternoon.

Later, his bail was passed after he paid a $500 bond.

Nathaniel's  Early Life and Children

Nathaniel (also known as Nat), was born in the United States in the year 1961 and will be 62 years old in 2023. He was raised in Saints Country, Louisiana. Other than this, his parents and siblings have not been discussed in public because he has chosen to keep them private.

Nathaniel Nathaniel Prescott was honored as the recipient  SOURCE: Twitter

Prescott has a total of five children from his two marriages. Nat has an Elliot Prescott as a child from his first marriage. Moreover, Nathaniel and his second wife Peggy are parents to four other kids by the names of Tad, Jace, Natalie Prescott-Smith, and Dak Prescott.

One of his other children, Jace, also participated as an offensive lineman at Northwestern State, similar to his son Dak.

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