Mikey Lorna Tyson

Sujan 22 Mar,2023

Facts of Mikey Lorna Tyson

Full Name
Mikey Lorna Tyson
Last Name
Birth Name
Mikey Lorna Tyson
First Name
Mike Tyson
Kimberly Scarborough
Exodus, Milan, Rayna, Miguel, Morocco, Amir
No. of Siblings


Even outside of the ring, the well-known boxing champion Mike Tyson has led an interesting life. True, he was a champion inside the ring, but outside of it, he was a wild man who frequently fell in love.

The well-known boxing champion wed three times and had seven kids. Mikey Lorna Tyson, the oldest, is the subject of today's attention.

How Much Does Mikey Tyson Earn?

Mikey Tyson loves fashion, and according to the sources, she even took beauty courses. Despite the fact that her career and line of work are still hazy, Mikey is a plus-sized model who has taken part in numerous photo assignments.

Mikey Mikey Lorna as a Model SOURCE: Biography Post

She still motivates women of all sizes to love their bodies today. She served as the Queen Size Magazine's cover model for November 2016. She then began her weight loss journey and entered the fashion industry.

Also, Mikey keeps up a positive relationship with fashion designer Christian Siriano because they have frequently been observed talking about fashion weeks together.

However, her father made a substantial sum of money as a professional boxer, perhaps as much as $10 million. The Tyson family today maintains an opulent lifestyle in a $2.5 million seven hills home in Henderson, Nevada, not far from Las Vegas.

Rumors on Mikey Lorna Tyson's Marriage

On the internet, there were reports of Mikey's marriage in February 2020. According to the allegation, Mike Tyson has pledged to pay $10 million to whoever marries Mikey, his oldest daughter.

Rumors Rumors on Lorna Tyson's Marriage SOURCE: Latestly

Mike Tyson later refuted all of the rumors, and he urged the media to remove the stories. As a result, it is still unclear who the main news source is. However, the topic of her marriage has always remained a mystery in the Tyson Family and as per the sources Lorna Tyson has never been involved in any surd of relationship.

Mikey Lorna's Boody Transformation

According to Lorna's mother, she has had a large frame since she was a young girl. Even though she was just four years old, she weighed fifty pounds, which caused profound stress on both her parents. Even Mike admitted that he is frequently worried about Lorna's weight because he had a sister who was obese and died from a heart attack.

Mikey's Mikey's Body Transformation SOURCE: The Source Magazine

When she was a teenager, their concern began to grow, which coincided with the time she began working out like her father. She now eats only healthy foods and has made a commitment to working out for fitness. Also, she frequently shares updates on her fitness journey on Instagram, serving as an inspiration to many younger people as well as herself.

In the meantime, she also posts several photos of the foods she cooks herself and those she enjoys in a restaurant.

Early Life And Siblings of Mikey Lorna Tyson

Mikey Lorna Tyson was born on July 31, 1990, to Mike Tyson and Kimberly Scarborough in America. Her parents were never married, so the public didn’t know about her existence until she was eight months old. 

Loren's Lorna's Siblings  SOURCE: NickiSwift

Mikey currently has six half-siblings, Exodus, Milan, Rayna, Miguel, Morocco, and Amir. She often refers to her siblings as "baby brothers" and "baby sisters" on Instagram because it is overrun with adorable images of them.

From her mother's side, Mikey has a more senior half-brother named Richard who is quite proud that she is a Tyson family member.


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