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Sujan 17 Mar,2023

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Rayna Tyson
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Rayna Tyson
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Rayna Tyson
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Rayna Tyson
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Rayna Tyson
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Mike Tyson
Monica Turner
Miguel Leon Tyson, Exodus Tyson(died), Mikey Lorna Tyson, Amir Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Milan Tyson
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Mike Tyson's daughter
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Ramsey Tyson commonly known as Rayna Tyson is the firstborn child of former American Boxing Legend Mike Tyson. Rayna is identified as non-binary and goes by they/them pronoun.

Rayna has taken a different course in her profession and has been pursuing a career in filmmaking(working behind the camera). They have participated in a few acting ventures as crew members. Rayna as a star kid has also worked with an award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix in a psychological thriller movie "Joker."

Know about Tyson Family's Networth and Earnings

Rayna by forging her career behind the camera has earned an estimated net worth of around $500,000. However, Rayna is still working as a beginner she might add more later as a professional. 

Tyson's Tyson's house in Henderson, Las Vegas.  SOURCE: The Sun

Their father as a professional boxer has earned a huge amount estimated to be $10 Million. The Tyson family currently lives a lavish lifestyle in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas in a seven hills house worth $2.5 million.

The Tyson family owned a house that cost $4 million. Tyson's ex-wife Monica later received the opulent home yet as part of their 2003 divorce agreement, Turner marketed the home in 2020 with a $9.75 million asking price and a stunning view of the Congressional Country Club golf course.

Is Ramsey Dating? Know About Their Partner

Ramsey aka Rayna used to keep her private life out of public eyes but back in August 2021 they shared a photo dating with a non-binary partner Jozee.

RaynaRayna and their partner SOURCE: Social Platform

The photo was posted for wishing their partner a happy birthday. They posted with the caption “Happy Birthday to my sweet Virgo Baby! I love you so so much! I’m the luckiest!”

Rayna has also posted several other photos with their partner which show their eternal love for each other. However, the couple doesn't have any children yet.

Boosie Badazz Transphobic Statements on LGBTQ Triggered Rayna

Rayna, a transmasculine and nonbinary person who supports the LGBTQIA+ community, took action against rapper Boosie Badazz for making transphobic comments about Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's daughter Zaya in an Instagram live session.

Mike Tyson in an Interview with Boosie Badazz SOURCE: Outsports

The condition worsened when Boosie again later in a podcast interview with Mike Tyson made some bad comments, “Don’t cut [her] f**king d**k off, Dwyane” referring to his daughter Zaya in an interview. 

Soon after the interview, Ryana flew from New York to Los Angeles to physically confront Boosie for his comments. Ryana later stated;

“[I saw it as] a good opportunity to educate someone about trans issues. He went into it with such little information. I decided I wasn’t going to intervene or step on any toes unless the conversation was completely out of hand.” 

Ramsey added, “Part of the reason why I wanted to talk to Boosie about it is that I’m a nonbinary person who’s socially transitioned amongst my friends and started a medical transition. I felt like I couldn’t say something.”

Details about Rayna Tyson's Early Life and Siblings

Rayna Tyson was born on Valentine's day(Feb 14) in 1996 to Mike and Monica Turner. They spent most of their childhood life in Bethesda, Maryland. Rayna has a brother, Amir Tyson, who works as an intern at ESPN. He began working for the network in 2017 and is continuing to do so now. 

Rayna Rayna with their late sister SOURCE: Instagram

As a result of Mike Tyson's former relationship with Sol Xochitl, Rayna has four half-siblings, including Miguel Tyson. The ex-couple had a daughter; Exodus, who tragically died in 2009 at the young age of four. In February 2019, on the occasion of Exodus's 14th birthday, Rayna shared a touching photo of her.

Other half-siblings of Ramsey include Milan and Morocco, who were born into their father's third marriage to Lakiha Spicer, and an older half-sister, Mikey Lorna Tyson, who was born during their father's first marriage to Kimberly Scarborough.


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