Howard Long, Jr.

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Facts of Howard Long, Jr.

Full Name
Howard Long, Jr.
Last Name
Long, Jr.
Birth Name
Howard Long, Jr.
First Name
Birth Date
Relationship Status
Howie Long
Diane Addonizio
Kyle Long, Chris Long
No. of Siblings
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$16 Million
Operative, Businessman, Scouting Assistant


Relationship Status

Howard Long Jr, the son of NFL veteran Howie Long, is a notable figure in the football industry. He currently serves as a scouting assistant and personnel assistant for the Oakland Raiders, contributing to player evaluation and acquisition. Despite his famous family background, Howard has established himself as a dedicated football professional within the Raiders organization.

His expertise and dedication contribute to player evaluation and acquisition for the team. Despite his famous family ties, Howard has made a name for himself within the Raiders organization.

The Football Legacy Continues: Howard Long Jr. and the Long Family's Passion for the Game

Howard Long Jr, born in 1990, is the youngest son of NFL player Howie Long and attorney/businesswoman Diane Addonizio. He grew up in a household where football was deeply cherished, with his father still being a part of the Oakland Raiders at the time of his birth. Despite his parents' successful careers, Diane chose to prioritize being a full-time mother to Howard and his two older brothers.

howieHowie inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame  SOURCE: Instagram @h_long75

Growing up, Howard and his siblings developed a strong passion for football, inspired by their father's remarkable career with the Raiders. They all attended St. Anne's-Belfield School and actively participated in various sports, including basketball, baseball, and lacrosse, in addition to football. Football, however, remained a significant part of their lives, given their family's deep connection to the sport.

Following his high school years, Howard decided to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Chris and enrolled at the University of Virginia. While he received a lacrosse scholarship, he also continued playing football during his college years. Howard's choice to pursue lacrosse demonstrated his individuality within the family, but he still maintained his involvement in football, showcasing his versatile athletic abilities and commitment to both sports.

A Classic Love Story: The Enduring Romance of Howie Long and Diane Addonizio

Howard Long Jr's parents, Howie Long and Diane Addonizio, first crossed paths while attending Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Their love story is reminiscent of a classic romance movie, as they began dating during their college years. After graduating, Howard pursued a professional career, and within a year, the couple took a significant step forward by exchanging wedding vows in June of 1982.

Their wedding ceremony was an intimate affair, attended by their immediate family members, relatives, and close friends. Since then, their love and commitment have endured, as they have remained a strong and devoted couple to this day.

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Maintaining Privacy: Howard Long Jr's Low-Profile Personal Life and Chris Long's Growing Family

Howard Long Jr is known for his private nature and has kept his personal life away from the public eye, unlike the rest of his family. Consequently, there is very limited information available about his personal affairs. Despite some false rumors suggesting his romantic involvement with fans, Howard has not addressed any of these speculations. His low-profile approach makes it difficult to draw a definitive conclusion about his relationship status or whether he has a significant other in his life.

On the other hand, his older brother Chris is happily married to Megan O'Malley. The couple first met during their college years and have remained together ever since. Megan, a former member of Virginia's Lacrosse team, and Chris share a strong bond. They are proud parents to two adorable sons, Waylon James Long, who is four years old, and Luke Redding Long, who is approaching his second birthday. The Long family continues to grow with Chris and Megan building a loving and nurturing environment for their children.

While Howard Long Jr maintains his privacy, his older brother Chris has found love and happiness with his wife Megan O'Malley. Together, they have created a beautiful family, cherishing their two sons, Waylon James Long and Luke Redding Long. As Chris and Megan's relationship flourishes, Howard remains focused on his own private life, keeping the details away from the public eye.

Family Wealth and Football Success: The Net Worth of Howard Long Jr's Accomplished Family Members

Due to Howard Long Jr's private lifestyle, information regarding his salary and net worth is scarce. However, it is worth noting that scouting assistants for NFL teams typically earn an average salary ranging from $45,000 to $95,000. Experienced and highly skilled assistants may even earn around $275,000 annually, excluding bonuses. Given Howard's football background and family ties, it is reasonable to assume that he excels in his role as a scouting assistant.

HowardHoward Jr with Chirs Kyle and his son SOURCE: Pinterest

In contrast, both of Howard's brothers, Chris and Kyle, have achieved millionaire status. Chris Long has a net worth of $40 million and is involved in various ventures, including hosting a podcast and running a charity focused on providing safe water. Kyle Long, on the other hand, has a net worth of $25 million.

He is a partial owner of the esports team Mode Motorsports in the NASCAR, Coca-Cola iRacing Series, and also works as a studio analyst for That Other Pregame Show on CBS Sports Network. Their father, Howie Long, a renowned sports analyst for FOX Sports, has a net worth of $16 million and earns approximately $4 million annually.

While specific financial details about Howard Long Jr remain elusive, his brothers' success and significant net worth suggest that the Long family has enjoyed financial prosperity in the sports and entertainment industry.

Privacy and Social Media: Howie Jr's Discreet Lifestyle Contrasts with the Famous Social Media Presence of His Brothers

Howie Jr, much like his father, prefers to stay away from social media and maintain a private lifestyle. He values his privacy and is not fond of media attention or fan interactions. Therefore, he leads a simple and peaceful life away from the public eye.

In contrast to Howie Jr, his brothers are well-known on social media platforms. Chris, a former Eagles player, has a significant following on Instagram with over 395 thousand followers and shares his football experiences, podcast interviews, and personal life. He is also active on Twitter with almost 645.2 thousand followers and tweets mainly about football and his podcast.

Similarly, Kyle, the middle child, has an Instagram account with almost 153 thousand followers, where he shares videos and photos of him golfing. He is also active on Twitter, with almost 354 thousand followers since he joined in 2012. Kyle tweets and shares a lot about football and interviews, indicating his familiarity with social media platforms.

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