Canon W. Jack Curry

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Facts of Canon W. Jack Curry

Full Name
Canon Wardell Jack Curry
Last Name
Birth Name
Canon Wardell Jack Curry
First Name
Famous Name
Young Wolf
Current City
Birth Date
Relationship Status
Stephen Curry
Ayesha Curry
Riley Elizabeth Curry, Ryan Carson Curry
No. of Siblings
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$180 million


Relationship Status

Canon W. Jack Curry, an adorable son of NBA superstar Stephen Curry, has captured hearts worldwide with his charming presence. Although still in the early stages of his life, Canon is already creating a buzz as the son of one of basketball's most iconic figures. His infectious personality and budding potential have garnered attention, making him a star in his own right.

While specific details about Canon's net worth is not available at such a young age, his father, Stephen Curry, boasts a remarkable net worth of $160 million. As for Canon's relationship status, it is not applicable at this age. However, his father, Stephen Curry, shares a loving and committed relationship with his wife, Ayesha Curry, known for her own achievements as an author, television personality, and entrepreneur who has amassed her own $20 million worth fortune.

The Curry Dynasty: Exploring the Multimillion-Dollar Net Worth and Investment Portfolio

The Curry family has gained recognition not only for their achievements in basketball but also for their shrewd investments in the real estate market and diverse business sectors throughout the United States. The family's entrepreneurial spirit has led them to acquire significant assets and amass considerable combined wealth of over $180 million.

Luxurious Mansions: The Curry Family's High-Value Real Estate Holdings

One notable example of their real estate investments is their acquisition of a lavish mansion in Walnut Creek, California, in 2016. This sprawling property spans an impressive 7,520 square feet and was purchased for a staggering $5.775 million. Boasting six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a wine cellar, a home theater, and a luxurious swimming pool, this mansion epitomizes the couple's taste for opulence and comfort.

TheThe Curry family's $30 million worth Atherton mansion in California, December 2022 SOURCE:

Furthermore, their property portfolio includes a stunning vacation home in Hawaii, which they acquired for the price of $8.95 million in 2018, offering them an idyllic retreat in paradise.

Through their diverse investments, Stephen and Ayesha Curry have accumulated substantial wealth. Their real estate holdings alone, including the Walnut Creek mansion and the Hawaiian vacation home, have a combined worth of approximately $11.55 million. These luxurious properties serve as not only private sanctuaries but also valuable assets in their investment portfolio.

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Tech Titans: Strategic Investments in the Tech Sector

In addition to their foray into the real estate market, Stephen and Ayesha Curry have diversified their investment portfolio by venturing into the ever-evolving world of technology. Notably, they have become prominent investors in Guild Education, a groundbreaking startup that revolutionizes employee education benefits by providing tuition reimbursement.

This pioneering company has yielded them substantial returns. With Guild Education raising $228 million in funding, the Currys' stakes in this venture has grown exponentially, significantly contributing to their overall net worth.

FitnessFitness Equipment by Tonal SOURCE: Tonal

Another remarkable tech investment made by the Currys was in the fitness technology company Tonal, in 2019. Valued at over $1 billion, Tonal has secured an impressive $450 million in funding. This innovative company offers a state-of-the-art smart home gym system that utilizes digital weights and artificial intelligence to personalize workouts, reflecting the Currys' dedication to physical fitness and cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, the Currys have invested in the flourishing e-commerce platform, Faire. By connecting independent retailers with unique products from small businesses, Faire has become a prominent player in the e-commerce landscape, securing over $400 million in funding and fostering partnerships with an impressive network of over 150,000 retailers.

Culinary Ventures: The Curry's Appetite for Food and Beverage Investments

Demonstrating their keen eye for business opportunities, Stephen and Ayesha Curry have also invested in the food industry. They have notably supported Gather, a meal delivery service committed to providing nutritious and organic meals to families. Additionally, the couple has embraced the booming food delivery platform, DoorDash, which has amassed over $2 billion in funding and boasts partnerships with renowned restaurants such as McDonald's and Chick-fil-A.

TheThe Cabernet Sauvignon packed Wine by Domaine Curry, 2018 SOURCE:

The Curry couple's investment ventures have also extended into the world of beverages. They have become stakeholders in Juice Society, a flourishing cold-pressed juice company that specializes in organic and plant-based beverages. Furthermore, they have ventured into the esteemed wine industry by partnering with Domaine Curry, a California-based wine brand known for its exceptional vintages.

Entertainment Entrepreneurs: How the Curry Family is Leaving their Mark in Showbiz

Not to be confined to a single domain, the Currys have also ventured into the entertainment industry with their production company, Unanimous Media. Through this venture, they create compelling content for film, television, and digital platforms.

UnanimousUnanimous Media logo SOURCE: unanimous media

Their impressive production portfolio includes shows like "Stephen vs The Game" and "Eat. Learn. Play.," the latter being a web series that emphasizes the importance of healthy eating, education, and physical activity for children. These forays into entertainment showcase the couple's commitment to sharing meaningful stories and making a positive impact through media.

Beauty in Business: Exploring the Curry's foray into the Cosmetics Industry

Recognizing the potential of the beauty and skincare industry, The Curry's have partnered with the highly acclaimed clean beauty brand, Honest Company, founded by renowned actress Jessica Alba. This collaboration allows them to contribute to the development and promotion of a diverse range of skincare, baby products, and household essentials that prioritize natural and safe ingredients.

StephenStephen Curry with his all white Range Rover Sport LWB, 2022 SOURCE:

Furthermore, their partnership with Honest Company in the beauty and skincare sector adds another dimension to their investments. As Honest Company continues to thrive and expand its product offerings.

Celebrating Love: The Fairytale Wedding of Stephen and Ayesha Curry

Canon W. Jack Curry, being too young, is currently single and not involved in any romantic relationships, as he is too young to engage in such matters. At his age, Canon's focus is primarily on his education, growth, and enjoying the nurturing environment provided by his parents.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry, Canon's parents, have a heartwarming love story that began during their teenage years. They met in Charlotte, North Carolina, through a mutual friend at a church youth group. From their initial encounter, they developed a strong bond and began dating.

StephSteph Curry and Ayesha Curry at 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 2021 SOURCE:

Their relationship flourished as they journeyed through high school together, even though they attended different colleges. Despite the distance, their love remained strong. In 2010, Stephen proposed to Ayesha, and the couple happily exchanged vows on July 30, 2011, in a private ceremony in Charlotte surrounded by their loved ones.

The Curry Clan: Unveiling the Dynamic Sibling Bond of Riley, Ryan, and Canon

Canon W. Jack Curry has two older sisters who are adorably talented. Riley Elizabeth Curry, born on July 19, 2012, is not just Stephen and Ayesha Curry's eldest daughter but also a child model. With her charm and confidence, she has ventured into the world of modeling at a young age, captivating hearts with her delightful presence.

CanonCanon Wardell Jackson Curry poses in a funny way for an Instagram post with his family, December 2022 SOURCE:

The middle child of the Curry siblings is Ryan Carson Curry, born on July 10, 2015. Although she hasn't entered the modeling scene like her older sister, Ryan shines in her own unique way. Through social media and public appearances, Ryan showcases her sweet personality and wins the love and admiration of fans worldwide.

Together, Riley and Ryan bring joy and laughter to the Curry family. With their individual talents and endearing qualities, they contribute to the vibrant dynamics of the Curry household, making each moment all the more special.

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Innocence and Wonder: Exploring Canon Curry's Early Life and Childhood

Canon Wardell Jack Curry, the beloved son of Stephen and Ayesha Curry, was born on July 2, 2018. His early life was filled with love and care, as he grew up in the nurturing environment of his famous and adoring parents. Being part of a prominent family, Canon's childhood days were marked by special moments shared with his siblings, Riley and Ryan, as they created lasting memories together.

At his young age, Canon is known for his adorable height of around 3 feet, a typical measurement for children of his age. As he continues to grow and develop, his height will naturally increase along with his overall physical development.

CanonCanon W. Jack Curry spends quality time with his family in their home, November 2019 SOURCE:

Canon Wardell Jack Curry bears the full birth name given to him by his parents, Stephen and Ayesha. Each name has its significance and holds a special meaning to the Curry family. The combination of these names reflects the family's heritage, values, and personal connections to their forefathers.

One captivating feature of Canon's appearance is his striking blue-green eye color. This unique trait adds to his charm and individuality. His captivating rare colored eyes shine with innocence and curiosity, reflecting the wonder of the world around him.


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