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PSR 12 Mar,2023

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Anriel Howard
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Lash Legend is an American former collegiate and Women's National Basketball player, who is currently a professional wrestler and is signed to WWE where she performs on its NXT brand. Legend is officially trained by WWE Performace Centre and she made her ring debut, defeating Amari Miller.

Anriel Howard was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 6, 1997. Anriel played basketball in her college days and became a professional. Howard suddenly U-turned her career path and now she is nicknamed "Lash Legend" and seems like she is enjoying her new career plus prefers to be called Lash Legend rather than Anriel Howard.

Lash Legend: Anriel Howard's Net Worth Details

Lash Legend is a solid NXT brand performer, she wrestles her opponents under the ring name Lash Legend. Before wrestling, she was a professional basketball player who played in the WNBA. The estimated net worth of Lash Legend is $100,000.

LashLash Legend's estimated net worth is $1000,00.  SOURCE: Instagram: @lashlegendwwe

The former basketball player has kept her revenue and expenditure confidential and no information is available on her basketball earnings. Nothing much is available related to her assets, but observing her Instagram, we can say that she enjoys a pretty decent life and can fulfill her basic and luxurious needs.

Anriel Howard's Boyfriend: Is Lash Legend Having An Affair

Anriel is at the ripe age of 25, most women get married at around this age, but does Lash Legend has a boyfriend or a fiance? It's impossible leading a life without an affair till 25 years in America, she must have been in a relationship in past but has kept that information to herself. Not much is known about her love life as she became a wrestler in 2020.

Lash Lash Legend became a wrestler in 2020.  SOURCE: Instagram: @lashlegendwwe

According to the Sportster, she is involved in an affair with a boy whose name hasn't been revealed to the public yet. Analyzing her partner's picture we can be sure that he has an athletic body like Legend and seem like they share mutual interests and hobbies.

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Lash Legend's Basketball Journey: Why Did Anriel Quit Playing Basketball?

The former basketball player played collegiate basketball at Mississippi State and Texas A&M, and Lash professionally played for the Seattle Strom in the WNBA. The player seemed like she was chasing attention rather than improving her basketball skillset, that is just an opinionated reason, but the real reason hasn't been announced to the public yet.

Lash Legend has appeared in many wrestling matches and is part of the NXT 2.0 roster. Even though Lash quit professional basketball, her future is still solid and can build her own path at WWE. She is a private person and shares little to no information on the internet.

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Lash Legend WWE: What Is Her Purpose At WWE?

Lash took her athletic skills from basketball to wrestling, She had set 27 rebounds game in 2016 and had established herself as a professional player.  Legend's purpose at WWE is to bring her competitive drive to NXT 2.0 and have the sharps words to pierce her opponents.

Lash Lash Legend is a performer at WWE NXT 2.0  SOURCE: Instagram: @lashlegendwwe

Legend has performed on the WWE NXT from September 21, 2021, to the present i.e, 2023. She has released two songs named "What U Want" by def rebel and "sugar Mamas" by Matt Haick. Lash Legend's signature finisher during wrestling is Spinebuster where she faces her opponents and grabs them around the waist or under the arms, then lifting the opponents she tosses them forward or slams them down while dropping in a squat position.

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Lash Legend's Physique: Is She Good Enough To Be Wrestler?

Lash Legend stands at 1.80 meters i.e, 5 feet and 11 inches, she weighs 79 kilos and is slim and slender. Legend seems tough and fit at the same time and her boyfriend is taller and more muscular in comparison to Anriel. Lash still has to do compounding listings for a shredded look and needs more experience in that career.

Lash must have felt something in the wrestling world that caused her to drift from basketball. It seems like Leah loves verbal and physical thrills and might have the potential to dominate her opponents in the wrestling ring rather than the basketball court.


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