Las Vegas Police Issued A Warrant On Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA

January 11, 2019 by James

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued an order on the former Real Madrid superstar soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to submit his DNA in connection with the Department of Investigation into the 2009 incident between Ronaldo and Kathryn Mayorga, in which the latter accused Juventus Star of rape. TMZ was the first one to report on this issue.


The Las Vegas MPD had the dress Mayorga worn on the night of June 2009, which showed that DNA was other than Mayorga 's one.

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The department opened the case once again following the September report, where Mayorga revoked her anonymity to lodge an action against Ronaldo, despite the $375,000 settlement they had agreed upon in 2010.

A "law enforcement official who is aware of the case" stated that the Las Vegas authorities sent the warrant off to the Italian court system, and now Italian Court is supposed to collect Ronaldo 's DNA sample before sending it back for analysis on a possible match with the DNA found on the dress.

The soccer player in between these has admitted that he never met Mayorga but will cooperate with the investigation, according to the TMZ report, which is credited with " our Ronaldo sources."

If Ronaldo gives the sample, it will be the first physical evidence that the investigation enters.