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Lara Baldesarra is a sports anchor and correspondent. She serves at CNN, based at the network’s global headquarters in Atlanta as an anchor at the network's international’s flagship sports news program, World Sport, and contributes to sports-related events. 

Lara Baldessari a television broadcaster from Toronto, Canada was born on April 2, 1985. She belongs to the white ethnicity. She pursued her degree from the University of Toronto in Broadcast Journalism. Baldessari knew everything about sports rules and regulations from a very young age and was very passionate about it.

Baldessari also earned a Specialist Degree in Urban and Economic Geography whereas journalism was something she did as a postgraduate. She can be seen globally as an Anchor and Host of CNN, Golf Channel, Setanta & FOX Sports.


Bringing a diverse audience to her daily programs Lara has been seen in 190 countries as an anchor on CNN. She has been the trusted voice of viewers anchoring early start news centers, and world sports. As a journalist, she has covered major events such as a pandemic, plane crashes, finance, and economical news, European and American politics, and international conflicts.

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Lara has also done anchoring of various sports programs in America and internationally on CNN, Setanta, FOX sports, golf channel. She has also covered major sporting events such as the World cup, The Masters, Super bowls, and Golf majors. She also has done one-on-one interviews with the biggest names in the sport from Arnold palmer to Floyd Mayweather.

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Lara is well-known for her unique approach to television anchoring. Asking questions no one thinks to ask and managing the show in a unique style. None can deny that she has a powerful voice that reached more than 190 countries worldwide as a journalist. She is also known for major sports anchoring and covering major events such as pandemics.

Net worth

Lara is a journalist by profession so there is no doubt that she earns a lot. She is also a loved employee of the biggest multinational news channel CNN. She is a well-known sports journalist. Her net worth is estimated to be $1million.

Moreover, in an interview, Lara mentions that anchors on CNN earn a very attractive salary from $40000 to millions.


Lara has a discreet relationship with a girl or a guy who is non-conforming. She has a non-confirming sexual orientation as well. She might be single.

She hasn't yet had an open conversation about her present relationship status or past. As a Canadian journalist, she might be in the driving seat of her career and might have her blood sweat, and tears for it. She mustn't have any time to give to her relationship or talk about past affairs.

Social media

Lara has a Twitter following of 11.5 thousand followers. She has no Instagram account. She has a Facebook account which is yet to be verified. Lara has her tweets protected and only confirmed followers have access to her Twitter account.

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