Kokona Hiraki

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Facts of Kokona Hiraki

3rd Japan National Skateboarding Championships 2019 Women's Park Champion, Two silver medals in Tokyo Olympics and 2019 X Games
Birth Name
Kokona Hiraki
Famous Name
Kokona Hiraki
Minato Hiraki
Manato Hiraki
No. of Instagram Followers


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$0.5 million- $1 million
Famous for
The youngest Japanese athlete to have participated in the Summer Olympic Games

Kokona Hiraki also called Cocona Hiraki is the youngest Japanese athlete to have participated in the Summer Olympic Games. The 12-year-old Olympic silver medalist from Hokkaido, Japan is an incredible skateboarding prodigy.

Kokona was born on 26 August 2008, in Kutchan, Hokkaido Japan.  His father's name is Minato Hiraki. She is studying at a school in Hokkaido.

Kokona has been skateboarding from 5 years of age. Her parents are extremely supportive. They started her skateboarding classes and also take her to skateboarding events.

KokonaKokona Hiraki with her father Minato and brother Manato SOURCE: Instagram @cocona.hiraki

She has a cute brother named Manato. Both of them are too cute together.  She puts the pictures of his brother on her Instagram.

Skateboarding Journey of Kokona Hiraki

Kokona is just 12 years old. She has had an incredible passion for skateboarding since a very young age. Her father has supported her in her journey.

She started as a regular footed skateboarder. She is currently associated with Hot Bowl Skate Park in Sapporo.

Hiraki participates in most of the skateboarding events throughout Japan and the world. She makes friends wherever she goes. She has many skateboarders as friends with whom she does skateboarding.

Achievements and Titles

Despite the fact that Cocona is really young. She has achieved quite a lot. She also participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

KokonaKokona Hiraki competing in Tokyo Olympics 2020 SOURCE: Instagram @cocona.hiraki

She has won the 3rd Japan National Skateboarding Championships 2019 Women's Park. The talented skateboarder bagged two silver medals in the 2019 X Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

She has a long way to go and she is on the way to be one of the greats of the game.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Cocona is one of the young and talented Japanese skateboarders. With her success at a tender age, she has got major attention. Most of the popular brands have sponsored her. For instance, Companies like VANS and Thrasher pay a great sum to the Olympic silver medalist.

VANSVANS sending new shoes to Kokona Hiraki SOURCE: Instagram @cocona.hiraki

She also has won tournaments with a great prize pool. Her father has made her Instagram account more like a business profile. He does affiliate marketing with it and it generates great revenue.

KokonaKokona Hiraki in Thrasher and Vans SOURCE: Instagram @cocona.hiraki

The net worth of Kokona Hiraki is estimated to be around $0.5 million- $1 million.

Is Kokona Dating? (Relationship Status)

Kokona is just 12 years old now and will reach 13 by 26 August 2021. It is a really early age to be dating.

She is all focused on her skateboarding as of now. Her parents don't allow her to use social media too much. All you see Kokona is with her friends or her family.

KokonaKokona Hiraki with her friends Mami Tezuka and Sakura Y SOURCE: Instagram @cocona.hiraki

 She has two cute friends Mami Tezuka and Sakura Yozoshomi. Both of them are great skateboarders. 

The 12-year-old skateboarding genius is not dating anybody. I guess she won't until she reaches an age when she actually can.

The Japanese skateboarding prodigy is destined to do great things in her life. She has already made her parents and country proud. Hiraki aims for a great sporting journey ahead.


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