Katie Alford' Husband Jake Peavy's Salary:Know about his Net Worth, Career and Awards

Jon Snow
Sun Feb,2018
Katie Alford' Husband Jake Peavy's Salary:Know about his Net Worth, Career and Awards Baseball

The famous name Jake Peavy comes alongside when the talk about baseball comes.  The 36-year-old American baseball pitcher used to play for San Franciso Giants in the MLB before being a free agent in 2017. However, with his past achievements and earnings, Jake marked himself as one of the highest paid baseballers and still enjoying million dollars net worth.

Well, no current report of Jake's contract is out, but we do have the details of his past contracts and earnings. Currently, Jake is reported to be enjoying the net worth of $45 million. Let's know all about Jake Peavy's salary, net worth, endorsements and career along with his awards.

Net worth and Earnings of baseballer Jake Peavy 

Along with his 16 years of playing career, Jake Peavy is reported to have earned nearly $130 million with his successful career. But on the other hand, Jake's married life somersaulted after he had a divorce with his former wife, Katie Alford with whom he shares 4 sons. 

As of 2017 and 2018, the net worth of Jake Peavy is not reported, but till his active career in 2016, Jake's net worth was reported to be $48 million. Curious to know his career earnings, scroll down.

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Salary and Earnings of Jake Peavy in Padres and White Sox

Jake initially played in St. Paul's Episcopal School baseball team and later made his professional career debut signing a year deal with  San Diego Padres on June 22, 2002, to play MLB.  In 2002, Jake earned the base salary of $200,000 and it increased to $750,000 in 2005.

Then, Jake was offered a 4-year deal worth $14.5 million by Padres on March 5, 2005, and the deal granted him the annual salary of $2.5 million in 2006 season.

[ CAPTION: American baseballer Jake Peavy ][ SOURCE: Athlete promotions ]

Impressed with his gameplay, Jake again signed a 4-year extension contract with Padres worth $52 million on December 12, 2007, which included a $22 million option for 2013.  But after playing till 2009 for Padres with the annual salary of $11 million, Jake made his move to Chicago White Sox in the mid-2009.

On July 31, 2009, Jake Peavy signed with Chicago White Sox and played till 2012. And again, Jake signed the offer of White Sox which was a 2-year contract extension worth $29 million, on October 20, 2012.  In the year 2012, Jake earned his career highest annual salary of $17 million. 

Let's take a look at Jake Peavy salary sheet in Padres and White Sox.

Year Team Annual Salary
2002 San Diego Padres $200,000
2003 San Diego Padres $305,000
2004 San Diego Padres $350,000
2005 San Diego Padres $750,00 (Excluding $25,000 incentives)
2006 San Diego Padres $2.5 million
2007 San Diego Padres $4.75 million ( Excluding $175,000 incentives)
2008 San Diego Padres $6.5 million
2009 San Diego Padres $11 million
2010 Chicago White Sox $15 million
2011 Chicago White Sox $16 million
2012 Chicago White Sox $17 million (Excluding $75,000)

Later in 2013, Jake was traded to  Boston Red Sox. Let's know about his salary in Red Sox too.

Jake Peavy's Earnings in Boston Red Sox 

After being traded to Boston Red Sox from Chicago White Sox, in exchange for Avisail García, J. B. Wendelken, Francellis Montas and Cleuluis Rondon, Jake played for Red Sox in 2013 and 2014 season with the annual salary of $4,99 million and $11.92 million respectively.

In 2013, the former teammate of Jon Lester,  Jake after winning World Series with Red Sox, bought a duck boat worth $115,000

Jake Peavy's salary in San Franciso Giants till 2016

On July 16, 2014, Jake was traded from Red Sox to San Franciso Giants where prominent players like Buster Posey and Johnny Cueto play.  In 2014 he earned an annual salary of $2.5 million.  Later on December 19, 2014, Jake agreed on a 2-year deal with Giants earning him the salary of $7 million in 2015 season. The contract worth $24 million funded him the signing bonus of $4 million.

In his last season (2016) with Giants, Jake was able to earn the annual salary of $13 million. 

Jake Peavy's Cars, House, and Endorsements

Well, Jake has not given the detail of his cars, though he accumulates a huge net worth. But we do have the detail of his house.

Jake bought a 5,000-acre land in Wilcox County, Alabama called Southern Falls Plantation in 2008 and currently, he is reported to be living in his mansion in Alabama. Though the purchase detail and worth of the house are not disclosed, surely it costs lots of millions of dollars.

Let's have a tour of Jake's house.

And furthermore, Jake's endorsement deal is not publicized yet too.

Jake Peavy's Career Achievements

During his career, Jake played for 4 teams which are San Diego Padres (2002–2009), Chicago White Sox (2009–2013), Boston Red Sox (2013–2014) and San Francisco Giants (2014–2016). While in Padres, he won the 2007 NL Cy Young Award after recording the Pitching Triple Crown.

The 2007 NL Wins Leader, Jake won his first American League Gold Glove Award in 2012 sharing the
award with Tampa Bay's Jeremy Hellickson. Adding up, Jake has won 2  World Series consecutively along with Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants in 2013 and 2014 respectively. 

[ CAPTION: Jake Peavy wins 2012 Gold-Glove Award ][ SOURCE: Getty Images ]

Jake has the career strikeouts of 1348 and 16 strikeouts in a single game recorded on May 22, 2006, against the Atlanta Braves. Recently, Jake has not given any news of signing in any team, but the day of his gameplay resume is not so far.

Let's wish him best and stay tuned for updates!