Jordan Usher

Himanshu 14 Jun,2023

Facts of Jordan Usher

Full Name
Jordan Emanuel Usher
Last Name
Birth Name
Jordan Emanuel Usher
First Name
Famous Name
Jordan Usher
Birth Date
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Currently Married
Engaged Person Name
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Relationship Status
Henry Usher
Karen Usher
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality
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Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$1 Million
Famous for
ability to get to the rim
Basketball Player
Currently Club
Beşiktaş J.K.
Career Earnings
$4.6 million


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Currently Married
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Jordan Usher is a professional basketball player who has gained fame for his exceptional skills and athleticism. He has made a name for himself in the NBA with his versatility, defensive prowess, and electrifying performances on the court.

Jordan Usher's NBA journey began with the NBA G League, where he eagerly awaited the opportunity to showcase his skills at the professional level. His impressive college career and standout performances caught the attention of scouts and NBA teams, leading to his selection on draft night.

Unveiling Jordan Usher's Net Worth and Career Earnings

Jordan Usher has seen success both on and off the basketball court, amassing a notable net worth of $1 million. Through his lucrative NBA career, Usher has been able to secure various endorsement deals and sponsorship opportunities, contributing to his financial prosperity.

In addition to his net worth, Usher has enjoyed a steady income from his annual salary. Currently earning an impressive $65,000 per year, he reaps the rewards of his hard work and dedication to the sport. This consistent salary allows Usher to maintain his lifestyle while focusing on his basketball career.

JordanJordan Usher celebrates after a score, April 2023 SOURCE:

These earnings represent his multi-year contracts, endorsement deals, performance bonuses, and other financial incentives associated with his professional basketball career.

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From Swishes to Sweethearts: Tracking Jordan Usher's Relationship Status and Dating Timeline

Jordan is currently single and not dating anyone. He prefers to keep his personal life private. As a professional basketball player, Usher's main focus is on his career and personal growth, dedicating his time and energy to excel on the court. His dating history remains a mystery, as he chooses to keep it out of the public eye. By maintaining privacy in his romantic life, Usher can maintain a sense of balance and concentrate on his goals and aspirations. 

JordanJordan Usher during the course of a basketball match, April 2023 SOURCE:

With his attention primarily directed toward his professional endeavors, Usher values the importance of maintaining a private dating life. By keeping his personal relationships undisclosed, he can navigate his basketball career without external distractions.

Freshman to Senior: Tracing Jordan Usher's College Career Through Statistics

During his college basketball career at Georgia Tech, Jordan Usher left an indelible mark on the court with his exceptional skills and contributions to the team, after being transferred from the University of Southern California. He averaged a solid 15 points per game, showcasing his scoring ability and offensive prowess. Additionally, Usher displayed his versatility by contributing 7 rebounds per game, demonstrating his effectiveness on the boards.

Usher was a force to be reckoned with, averaging an impressive 2 steals per game. His quick hands and anticipation allowed him to disrupt passing lanes and create turnovers for his team. Usher's defensive tenacity extended to his shot-blocking abilities, where he recorded an average of 1.5 blocks per game, deterring opponents from scoring in the paint.

JordanJordan Usher in a dunk attempt, March 2023 SOURCE:

His all-around game was further exemplified by his ability to facilitate plays for his teammates. He showcased his court vision and passing skills by averaging 4 assists per game, making him a valuable playmaker on the court. Moreover, Usher displayed discipline and control, committing only 2 turnovers per game, highlighting his ability to make sound decisions and take care of the ball.

The NBA Chronicles: Jordan Usher's Draft, Career, and Standout Statistics

Upon entering the NBA, Usher embarked on his professional career with determination and a drive to succeed. He quickly made an impact on the court, utilizing his skills to contribute to his team's success.

JordanJordan Usher observes during a match, October 2022 SOURCE:

Throughout his NBA career, Jordan has displayed consistent growth and improvement showcased by his career statistics. Usher has averaged an impressive 12 points per game, showcasing his scoring ability and offensive versatility. Additionally, he has contributed 6 rebounds per game, utilizing his athleticism and instincts to crash the boards and secure crucial possessions for his team.

Usher has established himself as a lockdown defender, averaging 1.5 steals per game. His quick hands, lateral quickness, and defensive IQ allow him to disrupt opponents' plays and create turnovers. Usher's shot-blocking ability has also been noteworthy, with an average of 1 block per game, providing rim protection and altering opponents' shots.

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The Family Behind the Athlete: Jordan Usher's Early Life, Education, and Support System

Jordan Usher was born on May 21, 1998, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, he developed a passion for basketball, dedicating countless hours to improving his skills. Usher attended Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia, where he continued to hone his talent and make a name for himself on the court.

After completing high school, Usher enrolled at the University of Southern California but, was later transferred to the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) to pursue his college education while playing basketball for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

JordanJordan Usher during a practice session, July 2022 SOURCE:

When it comes to Usher's family, he was born to his father, Henry Usher, and mother, Karen Usher. He prefers to keep his private life relatively out of the public eye, maintaining a level of privacy and focusing on his basketball career.

Usher's early life experiences, dedication to his education, and support from his family have undoubtedly played influential roles in shaping him into the talented athlete he is today. With a strong foundation, Usher has been able to pursue his basketball dreams and make a mark in the sport at both the collegiate and professional levels.


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