Is the 28 Years Belgium National Teams' Winger Nacer Chadli Has a Girlfriend; His Affairs and Dating Rumors

by Jon Snow Wed Jul,2018
Is the 28 Years Belgium National Teams' Winger Nacer Chadli Has a Girlfriend; His Affairs and Dating Rumors

Nacer Chadli, a Belgian professional footballer smashed the highlights after scoring a winning goal for Belgium National Team in the World Cup 2018: Round of 16 against Japan. As many of us are aware of his professional career, fans are curious to know if 28-year old Chadli is dating anyone or if he has a girlfriend?


Currently playing for as a winger for West Bromwich Albion, Nacer Chadli went through a failed relationship with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa, who came out to be a trouble for him. So what about Chadli's current affair? Let's know.

Nacer Chadli Dating His Girlfriend? Relationships

Nacer Chadli has proved himself to be quiet a  shy guy when we knock into his personal life. Even though Chadli flashes his luxurious and joyful moments on his social media, he likes to keep his dating issues low, unlike his Belgium teammates such as Eden Hazard who openly talks about his wife Natacha Van Honacker and Mousa Dembele and his girlfriend Naomi Solange flashes their lovely moments.

As far, no reports of Nacer Chadli's dating or his current girlfriend is out, but assuming him to be single can be quite a vain as the handsome hunk of 6ft 2 inches height with a successful career may be dating secretly.

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Chadli keeping his mouth shut has given a chance for the growth of many dating rumors behind the scenes, though none of them has emerged out to crack the internet.

Probably, busy in career establishment, Nacer Chadli is focusing on his career rather than relationship issues. 

Well, it doesn't end here as Chadli is speculated often with a child on his Instagram, leading the suspicion of his marriage. Let's know details.

Is Chadli Already Married? Who is that Child?

Probably, having a child indicates the marriage on first hand, but we do also are aware of celebrities being parents before tying the holy knot.

Nacer Chadli never talked about his marriage openly, further, no reports of his marriage is out yet, but he does appear with a child. So, the issue raises curiosity, who is the mother of the child?


Me and Sarah relaxing!!!

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Well, some sources claim that the child named Sarah is the daughter of Chadli with his previous girlfriend, Vanessa.

However, the Belgian winger never admitted having a child with Vanessa, neither has opened up details of child and the mystery of the child living with Nacer Chadli goes on. 

Hope the truth will be out in near future.

Ex-Girlfriend Vanessa Troublesome to Nacer Chadli

With the love story going behind the scenes with his girlfriend (former) Vanessa, details being undisclosed, Nacer Chadli not only went through a break-up but also from the accusation of sharing a child with her.

Vanessa accused Nacer to be the father of her son Noah. 

Nacer Chadli, defending the issue recalled with Belgian Magazine Dag Allemaal in 2016:

"After we broke up I heard I hadn’t been the only one she slept with in that time. First, she tried in vain to fool another guy into thinking he was the father. Now it’s my turn."

While Vanessa, on this issue said:

"There was never any doubt Nacer is the father of my child. Besides, I think it’s hard to miss the resemblance. A paternity test is unnecessary, nobody but Nacer can be the father. Even before I knew I was pregnant we split up. With his financial help, I will be able to manage."

Well, currently the issue has slipped off, no one knows why, while Belgian footballer Nacer Chadli is on his way to  World Cup glory.

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