Is Basketball Player LaMarcus Aldridge Married or Dating Someone? Know about his Relation

Jon Snow
Thu Mar,2018
Is Basketball Player LaMarcus Aldridge Married or Dating Someone? Know about his Relation Basketball

LaMarcus Aldridge, the power forward is currently playing for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA alongside players like Kawhi Leonard and Pau Gasol. 32-year-old LaMarcus widely famed for his signature fadeaway shot is currently enjoying the net worth of $40 million. But, despite his career achievements, LaMarcus seems not to be far away from relationship failures.

Well, LaMarcus fond of keeping his personal profile low is reported be sharing a child with his ex-partner, however, has not enlightened his married details and his wife.

Though, currently, LaMarcus is reported to be dating his lovely girlfriend, the mother of his another child. Let's know all about LaMarcus' relationship, marriage plans, datings, and children.

Who is LaMarcus Aldridge is Dating? His Relationships

Well, LaMarcus has made the highlights with his love life issues. However, despite being actively present in social media, LaMarcus has not shared any post with his girlfriend.

Reportedly, Aldridge is living his life to the fullest with his secret girlfriend. And furthermore, the detail of LaMarcus' relationship beginning or his girlfriend's face is yet to be disclosed. 

CAPTION: NBA player LaMarcus Aldridge SOURCE: The Denver Post

But, the truth at some point reveals itself, and maybe the day is not far too.

Even if LaMarcus has not disclosed his datings and love issues, his Instagram can be seen full of lovely posts with his mother.


Happy birthday to my mom!! It's your day so enjoy it!

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Mother! the word itself is love.

Let's get to the main point. LaMarcus and his girlfriend, living together for many years are reportedly the parents of their son, but even after these years, the couple has not made the news of their marriage plans in public. 

Or maybe the couple are already married in secret, and LaMarcus' secret lover has kept the issue and herself out of the media radar. Who knows, only future can tell.

LaMarcus is The Father of 2 Sons

Probably, you have known that the secrecy expert LaMarcus is the father of 2 children, one from his ex-lover and another from his current relationship. Well, unlike his mysterious love stories, LaMarcus can't keep him away from the sharing photos with his children.

LaMarcus was in a relationship with a girl named Chelsy McDaniel previously in 2009. However, their relationship didn't go well resulting their separation later. Chelsey was pregnant before their separation and gave birth to LaMarcus' first son Jaylen Lea Aldridge on April 23, 2009.


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As per some resources,  after hearing the news of the birth of his first son, LaMarcus left the game to see the child. Currently, LaMarcus' son Jaylen lives with him.

2 years later, LaMarcus became the father for the second time after his secret partner welcomed
a son, LaMarcus Jr. in August 2011. 


Happy birthday LJ!!! #L2 ??

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Well as of now, LaMarcus seems to be enjoying a lot with his kids. Surfing through his social media, LaMarcus' Instagram can be seen filled with memorable moments shared with his children.



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Really, that's lovely.

We wish LaMarcus and his family a lot of happiness. Stay tuned for more updates!