Houston Astros Yordan Alvarez's Married Life, Children and Contract Details

by Vicky Mon Nov,2022
Houston Astros Yordan Alvarez's Married Life, Children and Contract Details

Attaining more than just fame and fortune, the athlete Houston Astros' Yordan Alvarez found love and a wife to be in his life. Yordan started dating his lover during his years in the minor leagues. However, Alvarez enjoys his time in the spotlight, his partner like her life away from all the attention. And so, much about Yordan's baby momma stays hidden from the world.

 Alvarez was ranked among the top players in 2018's minor leagues. And the following year, Houston Astros took Yordan to major league baseball. He'd debut in a match against Baltimore Orioles. And by the time Alvarez joined the MLB, the baseball player was already a father. Learn about his love life and professional life in this article.

Did Yordan Alvarez marry his baby momma, Monica Quiros Alvarez?

Yes, Yordan Alvarez married his long-time girlfriend and his baby mommy, Monica Quiros Alvarez. Similarly, Monica took her husband's last name after their marriage. And the married couple of Yordan and Monica has welcomed two kids so far.

YordanYordan Alvarez married his long-time girlfriend in 2021 and welcomed two children. SOURCE: [email protected]__monicaalvarez__

Although the MLB player and his wife live in the spotlight, the Alvarez family likes privacy about their past. As such, much about Yordan's past relationship with Monica stays hidden from his fans. However, Monica and her husband dated for a very long time and eventually took their love connection to further levels.

Yordan and Monica exchanged their vows away from the public eye. The couple keeps the date of their unification as husband and wife out of reach. Quiros and her partner exchanged their wedding rings as recently as 2021 since both she nor Yordan didn't use to wear wedding bands before the said year.

Yordan and his loving wife welcomed two kids!

MLB star Yordan Alvarez and his wife, Monica Alvarez, welcomed two children in their long relationship. And couple welcomed their eldest on November 6, 2018. Yordan and his beautiful wife named their daughter Mia Alvarez.

YordanYordan Alvarez and his wife Monica Alvarez took pictures with their kids, Mia and Jordan. SOURCE: [email protected]__monicaalvarez__


After waiting a couple of years, Mia's parents welcomed their second child. This time Yordan and his spouse gave birth to a baby boy. Monica and her husband decided to name their youngest Jordan Alvarez

Yordan tends to keep his family life out of the spotlight. And so, the MLB star rarely posts about his family. Alvarez's wife is a different story. Monica likes to share about her family and the life she shares with her husband on the Internet.

Monica looks impressive even after birthing two kids. Similarly, many fans consider the mother of two beautiful. Yordan and his wife remained loyal in their married life. As such, no news nor rumors about extramarital affairs came to light. 

How much are the Houston Astros playing Yordan Alvarez in 2022? New Contract details!

Yordan Alvarez earns a massive paycheque from the MLB team Houston Astors! And from there, Alvarez commands a net worth of millions. As of 2022, the talented athlete Yordan holds an estimated net worth of $2.5 million

YordanYordan Alvarez signed a six-year deal with Houston Astros. SOURCE: [email protected]


Aside from the substantial monetary gain, Alvarez found massive success in the sport. Similarly, Yordan became a household name after appearing under the Houston Astros banner. And because of his success, the MLB team Astros offered the man a six-year extension in 2022. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers picked him before the Astros. And later, he'd join the Houston team replacing Josh Fields.

Yordan is promised a whopping $115 million from his new contract with the team. Currently, Alvarez receives $7 million this season. The following year, in 2024, the MLB team will pay him $10 million. Later in 2025, the Houston MBL team will offer Yordan $15 million. And finally, from 2026 to 2028, he will earn $26 million.

With this deal, the Houston Astros currently secures one of the most promising young players in the game. When Yordan was 24 years old, he earned the title of AL Rookie of the Year in 2019. And as such, the MBL team knows the value of Alvarez.

Yordan lives a lavish life with his wife and family!

After years of hard work and dedication, Yordan Alvarez can afford a lavish lifestyle. And by that means, Alvarez also offers the same luxury to his family. Over the years, he and his wife have shared many memorable moments. And Yordan and his squeeze Monica Alvarez went on many exotic vacations. 

YordanYordan Alvarez and his family lead a lavish lifestyle. SOURCE: [email protected]__monicaalvarez__


Although the pair holds a massive fortune, the assets owned by Yordan and his wife stay a mystery. So, the details about their house and properties remain hidden. Similarly, the cars and other vehicles owned by Alvarez stay out of view. But given the few and far-between posts about their personal life on Instagram, fans know Yordan and his family live in luxury.

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