Harry Kane Aims To Match the Level Of Messi and Ronaldo

December 28, 2017
First published on:December 28, 2017
by Jack Ol

Tottenham star Harry Kane outscored both Messi and Ronaldo in 2017 ending their one-decade dominance. He has been in the best form since a couple of seasons and has maintained to be the leading scorer in Premier League. However, he still thinks it is too early for him to be compared to the two Giants.   

The Tottenham star also revealed that he is developing himself to reach that level.

Kane, 24, scored a hat-trick in 5-2 win over Southampton on Boxing Day to set the record for most Premier League goals in a year having scored 39.

The England international scored the total of 56 goals for Tottenham and England in 2017, two more than Messi and 3 more than the Portuguese captain.

But Kane he thinks he needs to continue this form for some more seasons to level the Barcelona forward and Madrid winger. He said:

When you look at Messi and Ronaldo, I've obviously still got a long way to go before I can be compared to them but it's a start and that's what I want to do: keep improving and be up there one day. That's always the goal – to be bracketed with the best players in the world. Messi and Ronaldo have set that standard for so long now.

He further told:

To nick ahead is something I'm proud of and it's just the start for me. I want to do it year in year out. They've done it for eight, nine years now so to be classed in that bracket that's what I've got to do. That's my aim."

Kane is on the path to win the third consecutive Premier League Golden Boot, only after Alan Shearer (1994-97) and Thierry Henry (2003-06) so far.

However, he believes that his record of the overall year is something he is proud of. He said:

They're both great records but the club and country one is good as it shows I'm doing it at all levels – Champions League and for England – and not just in one competition. That's one I'm very proud of.


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