Denmark vs Tunisia: Final Score

Wed Nov,2022
Denmark vs Tunisia: Final Score Soccer

Denmark and Tunisia share the point in the game after both sides failed to score any goal in the match. The referee decided not to give a spot-kick after Meriah was suspected of a handball. 

There were 24 shots without a single goal between Denmark and Tunisia. The last time most shots were recorded was in a goalless draw at the World Cup since the Netherlands versus Costa Rica. This is the second time that Tunisia had a clean sheet in the World Cup match. 

Tunisia had decent opportunities in the first half as  Jebali had scored a stunning goal but was disallowed for offside before being denied by Schmeichel. Eriksen had a few shots on target but could not turn into a penalty. 

Denmark had a total of eleven shots and five shots on target, with a ball possession of more than sixty percent. On the other hand, Tunisia had thirteen shots but just one shot on target.