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Damir Skomina is a former Slovenian football referee who enjoyed a prosperous career in the world of football officiating. From 1995 to 2021, he dedicated himself to refereeing matches, both domestically and internationally. 

Skomina held the esteemed position of a FIFA-listed referee for nearly two decades, from 2003 to 2021, showcasing his expertise on the global stage. Damir's achievements extended beyond domestic competitions. He was also involved in prestigious tournaments, including UEFA Euro 2008, where he played a crucial role as the fourth official.

Damir Skomina Early Life and How Did Damir venture out to Be a Referee?

Damir Skomina was born on August 5, 1976, in Koper, Slovenia. Skomina grew up in the city of Koper in southwest Slovenia. Skomina's journey into the world of refereeing began in 1995 when he took his initial steps as an official.

DamirDamir Skomina grew up in city of Koper. SOURCE: Instagram- @skomina_damir

Damir gradually ascended through the ranks displaying his competence and commitment on the field Starting from local leagues and competitions in Slovenia. Skomina's dedication paid off when he earned the prestigious title of a FIFA-listed referee in 2003 and earned recognition that further solidified his position as one of the top referees in the sport.

Skomina garnered invaluable experience and exposure by officiating matches at various levels, both domestically and internationally. His exceptional skills and composure led to his involvement in significant tournaments, such as the UEFA European Championships in 2012 where he became the first Slovenian referee to officiate at this esteemed event.

Damir Skomina Referee Career: Skomina's Titles and Achievements as a Referee

Damir Skomina officiated in various prestigious domestic and international competitions. From 2003 to 2021, Skomina held the distinction of being a FIFA-listed referee, which attested to his exceptional skills and expertise in officiating the game. He showcased his talents in the Slovenian PrvaLiga, where he officiated numerous matches, further establishing his reputation as a reliable and respected referee.

DamirDamir Skomina during coin toss. SOURCE: Pinterest- DutchReferee

Skomina had the privilege of being the fourth official in several matches during UEFA Euro 2008, a tournament known for its high caliber of football. Damir refereed significant encounters such as the quarter-final match in the football tournament at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the second leg of the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League round of 16 clash between Arsenal and Milan.

Damir had the honor of refereeing matches in prestigious competitions like UEFA Euro 2012, where he presided over three matches, including a quarterfinal clash between Germany and Greece. He was also appointed as the referee for the 2012 UEFA Super Cup, showcasing his competence on the grand stage. Skomina was entrusted with officiating the quarterfinal match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup between Argentina and Belgium.

Damir Skomina Net Worth and Career Earnings: How rich is Damir Skomina?

The net worth of Damir Skomina has an estimated net worth of $200,000. However, specific information about his salary or the average salary for referees, in general, is not available. The salary of a referee can vary depending on several factors such as the level of competition, location, and experience.

Damir Damir Skomina retired on August 30, 2021 SOURCE: Pinterest

Referees typically receive a fixed annual base salary for their services throughout the season. The exact amount of the salary can differ based on the league, level of competition, and the referee's experience. Referees may receive bonuses based on their performance, such as officiating postseason games or high-profile matches like playoff games or championship finals.

Referees may also receive other benefits such as retirement plans, 401(k) contributions, and other perks depending on the league or organization they work for. These additional benefits can vary and are often provided to support the referees' well-being and long-term financial security.

Damir Skomina Endorsements and Contract Details

Specific details about Damir Skomina's endorsements or contact details are not available. However, it is common for referees to have endorsement opportunities and sponsorship deals that align with their personal interests and values.

Referees may endorse brands and products related to sports equipment, apparel, or even health and fitness supplements. These endorsement agreements allow referees to promote products they believe in and can be mutually beneficial for both the referee and the sponsoring company.

In addition to endorsements, referees can also earn income through public appearances and speaking engagements. They may be invited to attend sports conferences, and events, or even give motivational talks related to their profession. These appearances provide an opportunity for referees to share their experiences and insights, and they may receive compensation for their time and expertise.

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Damir Skomina Retirement: When did the Referee Retired?

Damir Skomina, widely regarded as the most successful Slovenian football referee, made the decision to retire from international refereeing on August 30, 2021. Skomina's retirement was primarily influenced by a prolonged injury issue that required him to undergo another medical operation.

Damir had been grappling with knee problems for an extended period, which ultimately led him to choose retirement as the best course of action. Skomina's retirement marks the end of an illustrious career as an esteemed referee, with his accomplishments and contributions to the sport earning him recognition as the most successful Slovenian football referee.

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Damir Skomina Wife: Is Slovenian referee, Skomina Married?

Damir Skomina is a private referee, who only prefers to show his face on the football field as the referee isn't active on any of the platforms. Skomina might be secretly married and could have children, but the official statement hasn't been made by the trusted sites or the referee himself.

 Damir appeared to be in the limelight during his shining career, but after his retirement, people are becoming less curious about him and his private life. Skomina is a stern Deutch referee and many sources claim him to be a single man. The referee hasn't revealed his sexual orientation, so we don't know what his preferences are, thus the conclusion of his romantic life and affairs can't be concluded cause of lacking evidence.


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