Who Are the Top 5 Highest-Paid Refree in the NBA?

Fri Jun,2023
Who Are the Top 5 Highest-Paid Refree in the NBA? Referee

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a prominent professional basketball league consisting of 30 teams, primarily based in the United States with one team located in Canada. It is one of the four major professional sports leagues. Referees play a crucial role in ensuring fair play and making accurate judgments during games.

The top five highest-paid NBA referees in 2023, include James Capers, Ken Mauer, Tom Washington, Scott Foster, and Sean Corbin, all earning a reported salary of $550,000. These referees are recognized for their precise judgment and contributions to the smooth operation of NBA games. The below-mentioned referees earn $9,000 as Play-Off Match fees and $29,000 as Semifinal and Final Match Fees.

1. James Carpers

James Capers is a highly experienced NBA referee who has dedicated more than 23 seasons to officiating games. As of 2023, he holds the distinction of being the highest-paid NBA referee, earning an estimated salary of $550,000 per year. Additionally, Capers is reported to receive $9,000 in fees for each playoff game he officiates. Throughout his career, he has officiated over 1,250 regular-season games and 35 playoff games, showcasing his expertise and longevity in the field.

JamesJames Carper has spent over 23 years as referee. SOURCE: Twitter- @OfficialNBARefs

Before joining the NBA, Capers gained valuable experience by officiating in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA), where he participated in three CBA finals and one All-Star Game. He also spent seven years officiating high school basketball in Virginia, further honing his skills and knowledge of the game. While his net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, the exact amount has not been publicly disclosed. Capers' impressive career journey and financial success reflect his dedication and contributions to the sport as a respected NBA referee.

2. Ken Mauer

Ken Mauer, a retired NBA referee, enjoyed a remarkable and lengthy career in officiating games. Spanning an impressive 36 seasons, Mauer served as an NBA referee from the 1986-87 season to the 2021-22 season. Throughout his tenure, he presided over a total of 1,717 regular-season games and 229 playoff games, showcasing his expertise and contribution to the sport.

KenKen Mauer is now a former refree. SOURCE: youtube- House of Highlights

During the 2017-18 NBA season, Mauer was easily recognizable on the court, donning uniform number 41. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mauer had a range of hobbies that included a passion for cars, art, theater, movies, and traveling. These interests provided him with a well-rounded perspective outside of his officiating duties.

While Mauer's earnings during his career were estimated to be in the range of $500,000 to $550,000 per year, he has chosen to keep his net worth private and has not publicly disclosed this information. Maintaining a private disposition, Mauer's focus has remained on his successful career as an NBA referee, leaving behind a legacy of expertise and professionalism.

3. Tom Washington

Tom Washington, an esteemed NBA referee, has accumulated over 28 seasons of experience officiating games. As one of the highest-paid referees in 2023, Washington commands an estimated annual salary of $550,000. His exceptional skills and dedication have earned him a well-deserved place among the league's top officials.

TomTom Washington has spent over 28 seasons as a referee. SOURCE: NBRA

Throughout his illustrious career, Washington has overseen a staggering number of games, having officiated more than 1,600 regular-season matchups. He has also been selected for 172 playoff games, including the prestigious NBA Finals on four occasions. Notably, Washington's expertise has extended to the All-Star Game, as he had the honor of officiating both the 2004 and 2017 editions.

Before ascending to the NBA, Washington honed his officiating skills in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA). During his time in the CBA, he had the privilege of participating in three CBA finals and one All-Star Game, further cementing his reputation as a respected referee. Additionally, Washington dedicated seven years to refereeing high school basketball in Virginia, showcasing his commitment to the sport at various levels.

Washington's contributions to basketball extend beyond his work on the court. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was bestowed with the Honorary Nate Humphries Award by the Chicago Public League Coaches Association in 2000, exemplifying his impact and standing within the basketball community.

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4. Scott Foster

Scott Foster, a former NBA referee, enjoyed a prosperous and lengthy career officiating games. In 2023, Foster was recognized as one of the highest-paid referees, commanding an estimated annual salary of $550,000. This substantial compensation is a testament to Foster's skill and expertise on the court, as well as his contributions to the sport.

ScottScott Foster was born on April 8, 1967 SOURCE: Twitter- @OfficialNBARefs

Over the course of his impressive career spanning 28 seasons, Foster presided over a remarkable 1,700 regular-season games and 226 playoff games. Notably, he officiated 19 NBA Finals games, showcasing his proficiency in handling high-stakes matchups. Foster's remarkable achievements also extend to the 2010 NBA All-Star Game, where he had the privilege of officiating.

Foster earned the moniker "The Extender" due to his involvement in extending playoff rounds. His knowledge of the game, ability to make crucial calls, and reputation for maintaining fairness and integrity earned him respect among players, coaches, and fans alike.

While Foster's exact net worth remains undisclosed, it is reasonable to assume that his extensive career and position as one of the highest-paid referees have likely contributed to an estimated net worth of over $1 Million. With over 28 seasons of officiating experience under his belt, Foster has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the NBA and solidified his place among the league's esteemed referees.

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5. Sean Corbin

Sean Corbin, an experienced NBA referee, has amassed over 24 seasons of officiating games. In 2023, he stands among the highest-paid NBA referees with an estimated annual salary of $550,000. Throughout his career, Corbin has overseen more than 1,300 regular-season games and 79 playoff games, including a memorable triple-overtime match between the Boston Celtics and Vancouver Grizzlies.

Sean Sean Corbin has spent over 24 seasons as a referee. SOURCE: Twitter- @OfficialNBARefs

Before joining the NBA, Corbin officiated in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA), where he participated in three CBA finals and had the privilege of officiating an All-Star Game. Additionally, he contributed to the local community by refereeing high school basketball for seven years in Virginia.

While specific details about Sean Corbin's net worth remain undisclosed, it is presumed to be substantial due to his long tenure as an NBA referee. Over the years, his earnings and financial success have likely contributed to his overall wealth. Although the exact figures are unknown to the public, it is evident that Corbin has established a solid financial foundation through his career as an esteemed official in the NBA.