Cristiano Ronaldo's Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Jasmine Lennard Helping Kathryn Mayorga On Ronaldo Rape Case

January 16, 2019 by Robert Stewart

Cristiano Ronaldo is getting sued by Kathryn Mayorga who has accused the Portuguese football captain Ronaldo of forcefully raping her. The case is gaining all attention and Ronaldo has denied Kathryn Mayorga's claims. Further, Ronaldo's legal team has stated that Ronaldo has no remembrance of the meeting with Jasmine Lennard.


Kathryn Mayorga's lawyer Leslie Stovall, on the other hand, has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of a rape. As per reports, Mayorga's lawyer will visit London to meet a woman who claims to be one of the Ex-girlfriends of the Juventus forward.

Leslie outed that she had spoken to Jasmine Lennard, a British model, and reality television star, who claimed that she dated Ronaldo 10 years ago and is traveling to London to see her as Lennard is ready to help Mayorga fight Portugal's captain.

Ronaldo, 33, dismisses the claims of Mayorga, and his lawyers say that he doesn't remember Lennard meeting.

The allegations against Ronaldo dates over a ten year's time in 2009, when the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star was in Las Vegas. 

Recently, re-opened rape case is now into talks after Vegas police issued a warrant on Ronaldo's DNA which would be the first ever physical evidence to appear in the case.