Calvin Johnson is Living happily with his Wife Brittney McNorton and Children,Know his Married Life

Thu Dec,2017
Calvin Johnson is Living happily with his Wife Brittney McNorton and Children,Know his Married Life American Football

Calvin Johnson, the 32-year-old former football player, was born in Newnan, Georgia. Johnson played as the wide receiver for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League (NFL). He was selected by Detroit Lions in 2007 NFL draft.

Married to Brittney McNorton, Calvin announced his retirement on March 8, 2016. So, how is the married and retired life of the former American Footballer?

Calvin Johnson happily married to Brittney McNorton

The second runner-up of "Dancing with the Stars" season 23, Johnson got married to Brittney Roschele McNorton on June 4, 2016, after an engagement in March 2015. The marriage ceremony took place in Metro Detroit. According to The Knot, their registry featured several Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed gifts.

His wife Brittney McNorton is a graduate of Art and Communication specializing in Public Relations from Michigan State University.

Before Brittney, Calvin was married to Shallyn Blanton. He also has a 4-year-old son named Calvin Jr. from his relationship with Shallyn.

The first marriage was just a private matter until May 2014 when Blanton filed a complaint against Britteny, who showed up in a visit to the kid with her spouse causing a violation of the child's custody agreement. The complaint made headlines in the media. According to the police, McNorton threatened tо “molly wop уо ass!” to Blanton. Aside from some mean verbal threats, no physical assault was reported. Still, the baby’s mama applied for placing a restraining order against Calvin's then girlfriend, now wife, Brittney McNorton.

Right after the incident took place, the newly-wed couple stayed silent giving no heat to the news.

Besides the little boy from the previous relationship, Calvin does not have any children with his wife Brittney. A cheerful and gentle guy, Calvin shares deep and intimate relationship with his wife and the couple loves to spend blissful moments together. No rumors regarding their marriage have surfaced yet.

Calvin Johnson's life after retirement

Calvin Johnson, a loyal husband and father to an adorable boy, has no regrets for his retirement. Talking about his departure in an Interview, Johnson said:

Retired life’s good, man. My schedule is freed up. It’s not entirely free because I’m doing a little work here and there independently, but it’s been good. I can’t complain. I’m spending time with my family, I’m going to move home soon, so it’s been good.

After ending his relationships with Detroit Lions, Calvin is trying to finish his degree at Georgia Tech through online classes. Calvin also runs free camps under his own Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation. He is involved in the real estate business and is even engaged in consulting players and teams.

Calvin also competed in the famous show "Dancing with the Stars" in August 2016 after his retirement and won the third place after James Hinchcliffe and Laurie Hernandez. The short experience in the stage allowed him to display his hidden dance skills in front of his fan.  He has also funded a film called "Real Love".

Calvin Johnson with his partner in Dancing with the Stars

Source: Entertainment tonight

Johnson, also known as Megatron, the name given by his Detroit teammate Roy Williams,  currently resides with Britteny in a beautiful home located in Birmingham, Michigan (MI), US, which he bought in June 2012. The sports celebrity having an estimated net worth of more than $35 million spent $2 million for the house.