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PSR 03 Aug,2023

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Bryce Duke is an American professional soccer player who began his journey in youth soccer with CCV Stars in Casa Grande, Arizona, before transitioning to the Real Salt Lake Academy from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, Duke shifted to the Barca Residency Academy.

His breakthrough arrived when he secured a professional contract with Major League Soccer's Los Angeles FC on January 25, 2020, following a single season with the academy. A defining moment emerged on February 18, 2020, as Duke marked his professional debut for Los Angeles FC in a CONCACAF Champions League showdown against Club Leon.

Bryce Duke Net Worth & Salary 2023 for MLS Enthusiasts

Bryce Duke currently receives a gross weekly wage of $2,885, equating to an annual income of $150,000. His transfer value ranges from €0.8 million to €1.3 million. His current earnings surpass those of previous years. While with Los Angeles FC in 2021, Duke's salary stood at $90,000, which rose to $120,000 upon joining Inter Miami CF in 2022. The rising star Bryce Duke holds an approximate net worth of $500,000.

BryceBryce Due currently plays for Montreal and leads a well  SOURCE: Instagram-@bryceduke

As of 2023, the highest-paid soccer athletes globally are led by iconic figures such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, with net worths of $600 Million and $500 Million, respectively.  Meanwhile, legendary football figure David Beckham has amassed a substantial net worth of $450 Million.

Duke's Montreal Contract & InterMiami Former #10 Transfer

On April 12, 2023, a significant move was announced as CF Montreal acquired midfielder Bryce Duke and winger Ariel Lassiter from Inter Miami CF, a transaction sealed in exchange for defender Kamal Miller.

Duke's journey took an unexpected turn as he swiftly transitioned to CF Montreal. Having initially joined Inter Miami CF in 2022 and completing a single season with the team, Duke's path diverged when he embarked on a new chapter with CF Montreal.

BryceBryce Duke plays under jersey number 10 in Montreal  SOURCE: Instagram-@bryceduke

While Bryce Duke's contract with Inter Miami CF was slated to remain valid until December 30, 2025, unforeseen circumstances led to his transfer to CF Montreal in April 2023. Regrettably, specifics regarding the terms of his fresh contract with CF Montreal remain undisclosed within the available search findings. It's noteworthy that Duke's earnings reflected a salary of $120,000 during his time at Inter Miami CF in 2022.

Duke's Career Earnings in Concise Manner

Upon his transition to Inter Miami CF in 2022, his earnings experienced an uptick, with his salary rising to $120,000. Fast forward to 2023, where insights from Salary Sport reveal that Bryce Duke's income for the current season stands at $3,425.

BryceBryce Duke during his time in Inter Miami  SOURCE: Instagram-@bryceduke

This curve shows his advancing stature and market value within the soccer arena. Duke's journey portrays a remarkable evolution in compensation, aligning with his growing prominence and skills in the sport. However, due to the Duke's private nature, he hasn't shared any sort of information about his yearly career earnings besides the aforementioned ones.

Bryce Duke Mysterious Hot Girlfriend: Dating History 

Bryce Duke has been romantically linked with a mysterious lady for several months. The pair's shared appearances have garnered attention, yet her name remains shrouded in secrecy. Duke's inclination towards guarding his personal life is widely acknowledged, making the veil of secrecy over his girlfriend's identity unsurprising.

Bryce Bryce Duke is in a mysterious relationship  SOURCE: Instagram-@bryceduke

Rumors suggest that she might be a student at Duke University. Though Duke refrains from explicitly confirming their relationship, subtle hints emerge during interviews. In a recent conversation, he alluded to his contentment, expressing that he finds himself in a "positive space."

 Bryce Duke MLS Stats

Bryce Duke's MLS journey, spanning Los Angeles FC, CF Montreal, and Inter Miami CF, is reflected in his performance statistics. Across 23 games, he secured 19 starts, accumulating a total of 1,531 minutes on the field. While his goal tally rests at zero, he contributed an assist to his team's efforts.

BryceBryce Duke with his kissing his girlfriend.  SOURCE: Instagram-@bryceduke

Duke with an average of 33 passes per match and an impressive 79% pass completion rate. He has received three yellow cards but managed to avoid any red card suspensions. With a player value marked at €1.8 million, Duke's role in MLS unfolds as a dynamic and growing force.

In this voyage through Major League Soccer, Bryce Duke's impactful presence becomes evident. Balancing roles across 23 matches, he emerged as a starter in 19 instances, amassing 1,531 minutes of gameplay. While goal-scoring remains absent from his records, he orchestrated one assist. Duke's adept passing prowess comes to the fore, averaging 33 passes each match, all while maintaining a commendable 79% pass accuracy.

Bryce's Soccer Career Journey

Bryce Duke's soccer journey paints a picture of dedication and transitions. He kickstarted his path in youth soccer with CCV Stars in Casa Grande, Arizona, a foundation that laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. Duke's talent caught the eye of scouts, leading him to the Real Salt Lake Academy from 2016 to 2018 following a successful trial in 2015.

Building on this experience, he then ventured to the Barcelona Residency Academy in 2018. His rise continued as he inked a professional contract with Los Angeles FC in January 2020, a reward for his growth through the ranks, including a season at the Barca Residency Academy.

His professional debut for Los Angeles FC arrived on February 18, 2020, a memorable moment etched in his journey. However, the story took a new turn in 2022 when he was traded to CF Montreal in exchange for Kamal Miller. After a season with CF Montreal, Duke's journey took him to Inter Miami CF in the same year. A year later, in 2023, another trade led him back to CF Montreal.


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