Age 39 American Golfer Jimmy Walker's Net Worth and Lifestyle he Enjoys. More about his House, Cars and Endorsement Deals

by Jon Snow Wed May,2018
Age 39 American Golfer Jimmy Walker's Net Worth and Lifestyle he Enjoys. More about his House, Cars and Endorsement Deals

The 39-year-old golf freak, Jimmy Walker currently battling against Lyme disease, is a 6 times PGA Tour winner. Jimmy, being the source of inspiration for all, has earned a lot of fame and money with his professional career of 17 years.


The American professional golfer is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $16 million currently. Want to more about Walker's earnings, properties, and his lifestyle? Do scroll down.

Net Worth and Earnings of Jimmy Walker 

Jimmy with the record of 6 PGA tour winning and 3 tour winnings, is playing professionally since 2001. With his golf career journey, Walker is reported to have earned the total career earnings of $24,736,589

Well, Jimmy's net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be around $16 million, while his net worth in 2016 was reported to be $15.5 million.

CAPTION: Jimmy Walker SOURCE: Golfweek

As per sources,  his fellow American golfers Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson enjoy the estimated net worth of $80 million and $25 million respectively.

But nothing to blame on Walker as he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in August 2017.

Though, Walker reportedly made $1,101,162 in 2017. His career highest season earnings show up $5,787,016 in 2014 after he won3-times in the first eight events of the 2014 PGA Tour.

Here is the table of Jimmy Walker's other career earning from 2005 to 2016.

Year Earnings
2005  $155,850
2006  $153,950
2008  $282,249
2009   $662,683
2010  $937,987
2011 $1,336,556
2012 $1,638,419
2013 $2,117,570
2014 $5,787,016
2015  $4,521,350
2016 $4,148,546

Also, Jimmy's caddie since 2007, Andy Sanders earns about $680,000  annual salary.

Endorsement Deals of Jimmy Walker

As reported, Jimmy currently endorses the brands like Proven 4, Vokey Wedge and Lodge Castrion. Back in Walker was sponsored by Burns & Wilcox, a wholesale insurance broker, though, kept the endorsement payment details low.

Lifestyle, House, and Cars of Jimmy Walker

Jimmy Walker currently lives in his house  in Boerne, Texas with his wife Erin and 2 sons: 
Mclain Walker and Beckett Walker. However, Walker has not commented on anything regarding the purchase detail of the house.

Talking about his cars, Walker reportedly owns a BMW and a bus. Okay, now let's take a tour of Jimmy Walker's house along with his family.

Walker, besides being a prominent golfer, is also a lovey father and likes to spend some quality time with his family. Walker's Instagram can be seen full of his joyful moments and lifestyle which he shares with his children.


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Really, all that matter is quality life rather than unhappy lavish life.

The wait for Jimmy's recovery and his incredible play goes on. We wish him best.

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