Syl Apps

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Facts of Syl Apps

Full Name
Charles Joseph Sylvanus Apps
Last Name
Birth Name
Charles Joseph Sylvanus Apps
First Name
Famous Name
Syl Apps
Married to
Mary Josephine
Relationship Status
Russell Apps
Olive Apps
Joanne, Robert, Carol, Janet and son Syl Apps Jr.
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$1 million
Famous for
Ice Hockey Player, Former Minister
Formal Ice Hockey Player, Politician
Career Earnings
$1.2 million
Started career as
Ice Hockey Player


Married to
Mary Josephine
Relationship Status

Syl Apps was a highly esteemed Canadian ice hockey player whose illustrious career earned him a prominent place in the annals of the sport. Renowned for his exceptional skills, leadership, and sportsmanship, Apps left an indelible mark on the game and inspired countless athletes with his prowess on the ice.

The hockey world mourned the loss of Syl Apps, the legendary Canadian hockey player on December 24, 1998. Apps passed away at the age of 83 in Kingston, Ontario, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. The cause of his death was listed as a heart attack, marking the end of a remarkable life dedicated to the sport he loved.

Farewell to a Hockey Icon: Syl Apps' Enduring Legacy Lives Forever

Following his passing, Syl Apps was cremated, in accordance with his wishes. His ashes were interred at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Cambridge, Ontario. This serene final resting place serves as a tribute to his contributions to the sport and his lasting impact on Canadian hockey.

SylSyl Apps poses for a portrait SOURCE:

Apps' death was felt deeply by the hockey community and beyond. His talent on the ice, coupled with his humility and sportsmanship, made him an admired figure throughout his career. His passing marked the end of an era, as fans and fellow players mourned the loss of a true icon in the game of hockey.

Though Syl Apps is no longer with us, his memory lives on in the hearts of hockey enthusiasts worldwide. His achievements, dedication, and character continue to inspire generations, ensuring that his legacy as a legendary Canadian hockey player will never be forgotten.

Syl's Financial Achievements in the NHL: His Net Worth and Earnings

Syl's impressive career as a Canadian ice hockey player not only brought him fame and recognition but also a substantial financial success. With a net worth of $1 million during his playing days, which would be approximately equivalent to $4.5 million adjusted for inflation, he was among the highest-earning athletes of his time.

Throughout his career, Syl signed several lucrative contracts with different teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). In the 1936-1937 season, he signed his first professional contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, earning a salary of $8,000. This marked the beginning of his journey in the NHL and a significant boost to his earnings.

His career continued to flourish, and in the 1942-1943 season, he signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Hornets of the American Hockey League (AHL), earning an impressive $9,000. This move allowed him to showcase his skills and further solidify his reputation as an elite player.

SylSyl Apps holds the Stanley Cup after winning the championship against the Detroit Red Wings in 1942 with the lead of 4-3 in the series, April 1942 SOURCE:

Returning to the NHL in the 1945-1946 season, he re-signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, earning a salary of $12,000. His return to his original team marked a significant milestone in his career, and his earnings reflected his value as a player and leader on the ice.

As he continued to excel in the sport, his contributions were duly recognized, leading to subsequent contract extensions. In the 1946-1947 season, he signed a contract worth $15,000 with the Toronto Maple Leafs, followed by a contract of $18,000 for the 1947-1948 season. These salary figures reflected his status as one of the highest-paid players in the league at the time.

In the 1948-1949 season, this famous Canadian player inked his final contract as a professional hockey player, earning a salary of $20,000. This marked the pinnacle of his earnings, reflecting not only his on-ice prowess but also his stature as a respected figure in the sport.

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Syl's Marriage Life With Mary Josephine

Syl Apps' personal life was marked by a loving and enduring relationship with his wife, Mary Josephine. The couple's journey began with a heartwarming dating story that eventually led to a strong and lasting marriage.

The couple shared a deep connection, and their love blossomed over time. They tied the knot in a joyous wedding ceremony, forming a bond that would endure throughout their lives. Their marriage was a testament to their commitment and devotion to one another.

During their married life, the duo were blessed with five children. Their family grew to include three sons and two daughters, fostering a loving and supportive environment for their children to thrive in. The Apps family exemplified the values of togetherness, unity, and shared experiences.

SylSyl Apps and Turk Broda getting ready for a hockey match, June 1947 SOURCE:

As husband and wife, Syl and Mary Josephine were pillars of strength for one another. They navigated the challenges of life together, supporting each other through the ups and downs. Their relationship served as an inspiration to others, showcasing the power of love, companionship, and unwavering support.

The marriage of Syl and Mary formed a solid foundation for their family and was an integral part of Syl's journey in the NHL. Their enduring love and the values they instilled in their children continue to be cherished, serving as a lasting legacy of their beautiful union.

Syl: A Career Defined by Excellence - Statistics, Achievements, and Honors

Syl's professional hockey career was characterized by remarkable statistics, numerous records, and a multitude of awards and achievements. His contributions to the sport left an indelible mark, cementing his status as one of the game's all-time greats.

His career statistics in the NHL are a testament to his skill and consistency. Over the course of ten seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Apps played 423 games, accumulating an impressive 432 points. His point-per-game average of 1.02 reflects his ability to make a significant impact on the score sheet.

Throughout his career, Syl etched his name in the record books. In the 1943-1944 season, he set a record for the most assists in a single season by a center with 47, a mark that stood for over a decade. He also held the record for the most assists in a game by a rookie with four, achieved in his debut season.

SylSyl Apps walks through the crowd with his teammates for a hockey match, June 1944 SOURCE:

His remarkable performances earned him accolades and recognition. He received the Calder Memorial Trophy in the 1936-1937 season as the NHL's rookie of the year, marking the beginning of a highly successful career. His consistently strong play was further acknowledged with three Lady Byng Trophies for sportsmanship and excellence.

Beyond individual honors, he contributed to team success. He played an integral role in the Toronto Maple Leafs' Stanley Cup victories in 1942 and 1947, showcasing his leadership and ability to excel in high-pressure situations. His contributions to the team's success solidified his status as a key figure in the franchise's history.

His achievements and impact extended beyond his playing career. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the sport, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1961, cementing his place among the game's elite players. 

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Early Life and Birth Details

In terms of education, this famous late hockey player attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. While pursuing his studies, he excelled in athletics, particularly in track and field, earning recognition as a high jumper. His athletic abilities and dedication to sports hinted at the future success he would achieve in the world of ice hockey.

SylSyl Apps during a practice session, September 1948 SOURCE:

His family life was a source of joy and fulfillment. He was married to his wife, Mary Josephine, and together they had five children: Joanne, Robert, Carol, Janet, and Syl Apps Jr. The Apps family fostered a supportive and loving environment, where the values of family, unity, and shared experiences were cherished.

The Apps family legacy in hockey continues with Syl Apps Jr. and Syl Apps III, the second and third generations of this legend. Both of them followed in Syl's footsteps and pursued a career in the NHL as hockey players.


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