Suleiman Ali Nashnush

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Facts of Suleiman Ali Nashnush

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Suleiman Ali Nashnush
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Ali Nashnush
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Suleiman Ali Nashnush was a Libyan basketball player and actor known for reaching or surpassing eight feet in height. He was born in 1943 and passed away in 1991 at the age of 47. His remarkable accomplishments in basketball and acting, along with his extraordinary height, have made him a notable figure in history.

Take a Look At His Basketball Career

Nashnush began playing basketball in the early 1960s, representing the Libyan national team and club teams in Libya, including Al Ahly Benghazi. His exceptional stature made him a tough player, gaining him popularity and contributing to the spread of basketball in Libya.

In addition, he is considered the tallest person to have played professional or international basketball, standing at eight feet and half an inch (245 cm). His height surpasses other well-known tall players like Boban Marjanovic, Tacko Fall, and Victor Wembanyama.

Inside His Acting Career

Nashnush is also recognized as the tallest actor in history, surpassing other renowned tall actors like Wilt Chamberlain, Andre the Giant, and Richard Kiel. He appeared in a minor, uncredited role in director Federico Fellini's 1969 film Fellini Satyricon" set in ancient Rome during the time of Nero and based on the writings of Petronius. Nashnush portrayed Tryphaena's attendant in the movie.

After his role in the film, Nashnush did not pursue additional acting opportunities. Nonetheless, his appearance in the movie was remarkable, as he exhibited his distinctive physical attributes and charisma on screen.

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Suleiman Ali Nashnush's Medical Condition & Cause of Death

Nashnush experienced an unusual growth due to a medical condition, although the specific illness is unknown. It is possible that he had gigantism or acromegaly, both linked to excessive growth hormone production. These conditions can lead to health issues like headaches, tumors, heart disease, and a shortened lifespan.


Suleiman-Ali-NashnushSuleiman Ali Nashnush died at the age of 47. 


In 1960, Nashnush underwent surgery to address his abnormal growth, which seemed to be successful. Shortly after, he reached his maximum height of eight feet and half an inch (245 cm). Sadly, he passed away in February 1991 at the age of 47 in Latvia.

Nashnush’s Legacy as the Tallest Basketball Player & Actor in History

Ultimately, Suleiman Ali Nashnush will likely be remembered more for his extraordinary height than for his skills on the court or in front of the camera. Nevertheless, he made the most of his life. Nashnush's height propelled him to the top of Libyan basketball, and he also had the opportunity to star in a film directed by one of the most influential filmmakers in history.

Nashnush is ranked as the 11th tallest person in history and the 18th tallest in the world. He is also in the Guinness World Records as the tallest basketball player ever, professionally and internationally. His unique stature makes him a rare and impressive example of human diversity and potential.

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What was the Married Life of Suleiman Ali Nashnush?

Suleiman Ali Nashnush, despite his fame, was incredibly private and chose to keep his personal life out of the public eye. He didn't share much about his family, relationships, or marriage, and never revealed the identity of his wife.

Suleiman-Ali-NashnushSuleiman-Ali-Nashnush was the tallest basketball player back in the time. 


Additionally, Nashnush prioritized his basketball and acting careers over his personal life, creating a sense of mystery surrounding his private affairs.

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