Student Names GOAT as Ronaldo; Fails French Exam by 1 Mark

by Jack Ol Thu Jul,2020
Student Names GOAT as Ronaldo; Fails French Exam by 1 Mark

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very popular figure among the people especially young kids. Here's an example of it.A Fresh student who happened to be a huge fan of Portuguese footballer failed the ch exam after he named Ronaldo in the picture.

Ahmed Nabil, 15, was asked to write the name of different animals in the blank space under the pictures provided in his French exams. He answered the questions in the football theme and wrote "Un R" under the goat's picture. He continued his answer and even wrote Mesut Ozil in one of the blanks.



"It was a French exam I did two years ago. For me personally, it was a very hard test and one of the sections was: write the meaning of every animal we show you but in french. I couldn't remember what a goat was called in French, so I thought I'd do something creative and make a couple of my mates laugh instead of just leaving it empty."

He told SPORTbible.

He later tweeted it in 2019 with the photos of his answers. The tweet got over 15,000 likes in 24 hours. He also later revealed why he included German midfielder's name in the mistake blank space by the teacher and said:

"The other blank box was a mistake by the teacher, so I thought I'd continue my "football-themed" answer and write Ozil. When the teacher finally gave me the exam she literally had no reaction. I don't think she even knew who Ronaldo and Ozil were, so she didn't tell me anything afterward."

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