Is Daniel Cormier Still Up For A Super Fight With Brock Lesnar, After Miocic Fight?

July 30, 2020 by James

Back in August 2018, when DC knocked Stipe Miocic out, while WWE superstar and former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesner was cage side, we all saw a WWE type drama go down in the Octagon. Lesnar came forth and announced that he'd kick DC's a** and pushed Cormier away, which did the job of promoting the fight.


Sadly we never saw the fight manifest into reality, and DC ended up losing his belt to Stipe Miocic in their second bout, but the question that tickets all MMA fans as DC vs. Miocic 3 goes down in Las Vegas is, will the winner fight The Beast Lesnar?

Well, Stipe was especially sad as he believed it was his moment back in 2018 to challenge Lesnar, but sadly, even after all the hype, DC couldn't make the Lesnar fight happen. If DC wins or loses the title, he has shown interest in retiring regardless, but on your way out, if you get offered a Brock Lesnar fight, why wouldn't he take it?

Or even if Stipe wins the third edition of the fight, maybe he gets to bite the piece of a pie against Brock, and money always tastes good, brother! So, as per our understanding, both current champion and contenders are ready to take on Brock, but we are not sure if Lesnar still wants to go in and brawl with someone like DC or Stipe when he has a bright career with WWE, which is one of a very few still active entertainment sports again running under COVID threats.