Oriana Sabatini

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Facts of Oriana Sabatini

TKM Awards, Martin Fierro Awards.
Full Name
Oriana Gabriela Sabatini
Last Name
Birth Name
Oriana Gabriela Sabatini
First Name
Famous Name
Paulo Dybala
Relationship Status
Osvaldo Sabatini
Catherine Fulop
Tiziana Beatriz Sabatini
No. of Siblings
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality
No. of Instagram Followers


Career & Net worth

2nd Car
Audi A5 Sportback
3nd Car
Mercedes E-Class
Net Worth
$1 Million
Famous for
girlfriend of Paulo Dybala
model, actress and singer
House Location
Property Status


Paulo Dybala
Relationship Status

Oriana Sabatini is an Argentinian model, actress, and singer who is currently involved in an affair with a famous Argentino footballer, Paulo Dybala. Sabatini has 6 million followers on Instagram and has established herself as an ace model. She first modeled at the age of 13 and has been actively modeling since then.

Orinana has a huge fan following mostly from the South American continent and is also famous for being the girlfriend of Paulo Dybala who plays as a Forwarder in A.S Roma. Sabatini was raised in a lavish family with her younger sister Tiziana Beatriz Sabathia. She has followed in the footsteps of her parents and is rejoycing her ecstatic life with Dyabala.

What Is The Net Worth Of Paulo Dybala's Girlfriend- Rich Life Of Oriana Sabatini

The Argentine public figure was well-off from the beginning of her life, cause her parents were famous actors, models, and singers like her. Oriana Sabatini's estimated net worth is around $1 million and her boyfriend, Dybala has amassed around $90 million as a footballer. She also has a Youtube channel ranked 542nd among Argentine Youtubers, according to the Social Blade, and she earns $48-$766 monthly as of February 2023.

Oriana Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala started dating in 2018. SOURCE: Instagram: @orianasabatini

Oriana's father, Osvaldo Sabatini is a famous actor and a successful entrepreneur; her father's estimated net worth is around $6 million. Since, Osvaldo has two daughters, Oriana and Tiziana, they might be legal successors of his net worth

Oriana's mother, Cathrine Fulop is also an actor and beauty pageant title holder. Cathrine has an estimated net worth of around $5 million and both her daughters might obtain $5 million as her successors; so the estimated net worth of Orinana as of now will surely increase in the future. Sabatini's name and fame will grow even bolder after she marries A.S Roma star, Paulo Dybala.

Who Is A.S Roma Star Dybala's Girlfriend- Paulo Dybala Was Her Second Boyfriend!

The Argentine model has been in two relationships till now, her ex-boyfriend's name is Julián Serrano, and he is also an actor, Youtuber, and television presenter based in Argentina. She met her ex-boyfriend in 2014 and the relationship after three years of affair in 2017.

OrianaOriana's boyfriend Dybala won the 2022 world cup with Argentina's National team.  SOURCE: Instagram: @orianasabatini

Currently, Oriana Sabatini is in a committed relationship with Paulo Dybala which might turn into a husband-wife relationship soon. The couple will be sharing their 5th anniversary this year and seemed like they are satisfied with each other. According to Wikipedia, the Argentine model is bisexual.

Oriana's boyfriend Paulo's past relationship is kept away from the spotlight but is expected to be involved in some affairs before being in a relationship with Sabatini. The love birds post photos on Instagram and seem like they are blissfully enjoying each other's company.

Paulo Dybala Son: Oriana Sabatini's Boyfriend Has An Illegitimate Child?

The multi-talented Argentine girl has no children as of 2023, but what about her boyfriend, Dybala? Its believed that Paulo doesn't have an illegitimate child, but is there a possibility with Oriana?

Oriana Oriana and Paulo are godparents of an infant named Bella  SOURCE: Instagram: @orianasabatini

Oriana and Dybala are both busy personalities, Dybala currently plays as a forwarder in A.S Roma, and Oriana has her hands full with her modeling, youtube, and career as a singer. Her song named 'Lo Que Tienes'  which was uploaded on December 8, 2020, hit 15 million plus views and she has established herself as a prominent Argentine artist.

Analyzing these patterns, the lovebird might marry first and might plan for their baby in the near future. Oriana recently announced on her Instagram that she became a godparent of a baby named Bella, however, it's not their biological offspring.

Oriana Sabatini: Why Does She Dye Her Eye Brows?

Modeling is an expressive art and is all about expressing a person's ambiance to the eyes of the viewers. Nowadays, gothic aesthetics appeal more to audiences than any other style. Oriana has also introduced her own style to the world of modeling, and that style was advised by a stylish named Zacharias Guedes.

Oriana Oriana Sabatini stylizes her eyebrows.  SOURCE: Instagram: @orianasabatini

Oriana's look and vibes after dying her eyebrows were breathtaking and managed to convey those dark-delinquent aesthetics to her audiences.  The process was simple, her stylish stated that he simply dyed her hair to the darkest black and contrasted her eyebrows with platinum blonde.

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Oriana Prefers Women Over Men: Paulo Dybala's Girlfriend Is Bisexual

Every soul has preferences of their own, Oriana also has got her own preference about her sexual orientation. She revealed to the public that she is bisexual and prefers women over men, but is this bad news for Paulo Dybala?

Oriana Oriana Sabatini is bisexual and prefers women over men.  SOURCE: Instagram: @orianasabatini  

The multi-talented model is absurdly beautiful and bingeing from one relation to another won't be a problem for her, but why does she commit to Dybala? Because Oriana has got her own sense of morality and perception regarding this world. Though she might prefer women over men, she has found the soulmate that dissolved duality within her.

Oriana Sabatini stands at 5 feet and 7 inches and weighs 50 Kilos, Sabatini is a disciplined model and she maintains her routine and food consumption according to her activity throughout the day. Overall Oriana is a healthy girl with glossy skin.

Who is Tiziana Sabatini?- Oriana's Stunning Sister!

Oriana followed the footsteps of her father and so did her little sister, Tiziana Sabatini is also an Argentine actress and has built a path for herself. The sisters had it easy, cause both of their parents were veterans of the acting industry so they both had opportunity and talent.

Oriana's Oriana's sister Tiziana is also an Actress.  SOURCE: Instagram: @Tizianasabtinif

Tiziana is also as beautiful as her sister but is less active on Instagram, plus she seems to have a boyfriend whose name isn't revealed to the public yet. Oriana's sister has shared a picture with her boyfriend where they both have kissed each other; she seems to be enjoying her blissful life with few public attention than her sister.

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Who Is The Niece Of Gabriela Sabatini?- Gabriela Is Sister Of Osvaldo Sabatini

Oriana Sabatini was born on April 19, 1996, in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Oriana was born to a well-off Argentine family, she is related to a famous Argentine-Italian former tennis player Gabriela Sabatini. The Argentine model is the niece of Gabriela Sabatini as she is the sister of Osvaldo Sabatini.

Oriana's aunt seems single as of 2023 and has no children or husband. Even though Gabriela is attractive and had multiple affairs in the past, she didn't hold onto anyone. There is a possibility that If Gabriela remains unmarried till her last breath her net worth's successors will be her two nieces.

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