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Jaden Newman
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Jaden Newman
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Jamie Newman
Vivian Gonzalez
Julian Newman
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Basketball Player


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Jaden Newman is a child prodigy of basketball, who became a sensation while playing varsity games with her high school teammate. She is one of the nation's top 5 varsity basketball players and has already beaten NBA's MVP and greatest 3-point shooter Stephen Curry in 3 points match.

Jamie Newman noticed her talent and decided to train her to become a professional basketball player. No wonder, to his expectations, Jaden started to prevail over those older than her by the age of eight.

Jaden Newman's Net Worth and Career Earnings

Jaden Newman is still relatively young and yearly in her professional basketball career. Still, her profile reveals that she is a TV personality and a social media Influencer, which confirms her decent earnings. 

Yet, the publicity created by her web videos and her status as a young prodigy has made Jaden incredibly marketable and given them chances off the court.

JadeJaden Newman poses before her luxury car SOURCE: Instagram

The Newmans run a sports apparel business called Brand Prodigy, which they sell on the court and online. However to retain her National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility, Jaden will not be earning directly from Brand Prodigy at this time.

Jaden Newman released the track 'I Run It' in 2019, which featured Shiggy, Chandler Broom, and Julian Newman, with the official video available on the Overtime YouTube channel.

All these activities made it possible for this 18-yr old to snag a fortune of $500,000.  Dewant to Bonner  was the highest-paid WNBA player for the 2022 season. 

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Jaden's Relationship Status

Jaden is an active social media user. She keeps posting her life photos and information on the sites. Following her posts, we can be sure that Newman is single as of early 2023. 

Jaden likes to spend her free time with her family and friends and remaining time training for basketball matches. However, The player could be dating someone and waiting for the right time to open up about her relationship status. 

Nineteen Years of Basketball Prodify

Jaden Newman attended Downey Christian School in Florida for her high school education, where her father was a coach too. Jaden's early training focused on developing her ball-handling ski quickly became her trademark.

Jaden's basketball career started at nine when she played in Orlando's private school's varsity division. 

Newman advanced swiftly, and by the time she was 11 years old, she was playing for the Downey Christian School's varsity girls' team. She is the nation's youngest high school basketball player in history.

Jaden Jaden playing for Varsity Division for Girls' team in Orlando SOURCE: bleacher report

The American basketball player devoured every match with exceptional eye-catching performances that the University of Miami was already keeping tabs on Jaden Newman. She received her first Division 1 scholarship offer at the age of nine. 

Jaden Newman Body and Skills

Newman is still just 5 feet 3 inches (163 cm) tall, weighs 60 kg (132 lb), and has a curvy physique. Because of her incredible proportions, she frequently flaunts her curves on social media.

JadenJaden Newman flaunts her curves  SOURCE: megastarbio

Her height is considered short for a basketball player, and she seems to overcome the disadvantage of short stature through her skills.

She is known for her incredible ball-handling skills, her command of the court allows her to weave through defenders easily. Jaden also has an excellent shooting range, which allows her to score from anywhere on the court.

Her basketball IQ is considered exceptional, scales to read the game, and make split-second decisions that often result in game-changing plays. And it is why Newman makes sure that people know it's not just scoring that she can hit, she can play on the defense, get tough steals and pass the ball.

Jaden Newman Age

Born on  June 13, 2004, in Florida to Jamie and Vivian Newman, Jaden also has an elder brother, Julian Newman, an accomplished basketball player. Jaden started to play basketball when she was 3.

NewmanNewman poses before a basketball match SOURCE: celebsblurb

Despite her young age, the records under her belt are unprecedented. Jaden started training at three and was already a popular name by 9 when she debuted as a point guard from her high school girl's basketball team. 

Jaden Newman Professional Career

Jaden is the varsity prep level's youngest female competitor to score more than 1000 points.

Jaden's parents were basketball enthusiasts, so it's clear where her future was headed since her childhood. Her father being her coach, also taught her the importance of discipline and hard work, which has played a significant role in her success. 

After her debut at the age of 9 in the Downey Christian school varsity game in Florida, she continued her game till her graduation in 2022.

Newman averaged over 15 points per game as a fifth-grader, over 30 as a sixth- and seventh-grader, and over 45 as an eighth-grader.

JadenJaden Newman is the youngest girl to score 1000 career point at varsity. SOURCE: dreshare

Newman was able to score In January 2018, she scored 70 points in one game, tying a national record with 17 made 3-pointers, helping her team to a 115-31 victory.

When she reached 1,000 points in her career at the Varsity prep level in 2015, she was 11 years old. With over 2,000 points by the seventh grade, Newman was doing very well in her school basketball career.

Jaden Newman TV Shows

Jaden Newman got viral and drew nationwide attention in 2009 because of her skills then after she was invited to many shows.

Newman appeared on various famous talk shows like "The Queen Latifah Show"; the Ellen Show in 2015, where she talked about her passion for basketball, displayed her beautiful skills, and highlighted her future aspiration to become a professional player.

Jaden has been featured in numerous media outlets, including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and the New York Times. 

CoverCover Picture of Newman siblings' youtube show SOURCE: yt3.ggpht

Jaden and Julian also run a popular YouTube reality show, called "Hello Newman", aired by Overtime sports' network since 2019, where they post videos of their training sessions and highlight reels of their games. It has garnered millions of views representing their huge popularity despite being amateurs as they are still left to play in top competitions. 


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