Miguel Sano’s Wife is Daniela Sano.Know about their Married Life and Relationship in Details

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A Dominican professional baseball third baseman Miguel Sano is designated hitter of the Minnesota Twins of Major League Baseball (MLB). Apart from being a good player, he is also a good husband and father. He has a happy family. But the happiness didn’t last long after 2014’s incident. He has the net worth of $1 million. Know in details below.

Miguel Sano's married life with Daniela and the death of his child

Birth of an own child is one of the greatest feelings a person can feel. But there is no any worst moment than seeing your child die in your arms. Miguel Sano and Daniel Sano suffered the same tragic moment in 2014. Miguel had been dating Daniela since 2009. They got married in the spring of 2015 after six long years of theirs relationship. The couple was very happy as Daniela was pregnant and were soon to have a baby.

Daniela gave birth to a baby girl in 2014. However, it soon turned out to be a black moment for the couple as their little princess Angelica passed away in November 2014. They lost their baby a week after her birth as she was born with a congenital heart defect. Miguel experienced the happiness of being a father for the first time but all of the sudden happiness faded away. He said that he cried every day that year. Everyone will cry for sure after such situation.


According to him, he didn’t get a chance to hold his baby girl and saw her only for very few time. He said:

 “I was lost in this world, and there was also the thought of hurting myself. He sat next to me and said; calm down, she is gone, but someone else will come”

As we see his statement "someone else will come” we hope that Daniela will become the mother again. “She told me last night she wants another baby,” Sano said with a smile. “I’ll try to make another. I take care of my wife. I tell her it’s going to be OK. We’re going to try to have another baby.” Angelica was also born in the same place where Miguel was born.

Miguel's relationship with Darilenys Rodriguez and their child

After the death of his first baby girl, Miguel again becomes a father of the very cute baby boy. But the mother is another women. Darilenys Rodriguez gave birth to Sano's son Dylan Miguel in November 2016. The birth of a new child has somehow helped Miguel recover from the mournful moment.

It's uncertain if Miguel and Daniela are still together. We can also estimate that after their first child death their relation became unstable but there is no news about their relationship either they are together or separated. Miguel has recently said that he has to stay strong for his wife. Seems like the couple has a good understanding and the new born child can be an adopted one.

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