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PSR 16 Aug,2023

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Kolton Reed Ingram
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Playing Baseball
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Los Angeles Angels


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Kolton Reed Ingram is an adept American baseball pitcher who is presently an essential asset to the Los Angeles Angels in Major League Baseball. He honed his skills at Columbus State University. The year 2023 marked his remarkable MLB debut.

In the 2022 season, he was a game-changing member of the Double-A Rocket City Trash Pandas team. Throughout 50 games, he showcased his expertise with an impressive 2.67 ERA, a solid 0.92 WHIP, and a striking 73:17 K: BB ratio within a span of 60.2 innings.

Kolton Ingram Net Worth 2023 & Salary: How rich is The Athlete?

Kolton is currently on the inactive roster of Los Angeles Angeles and he just made his debut so Ingram is a budding player and has the potential to become one of the richest baseball players shortly. Currently, Kolton Ingram has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Even though the player hasn't revealed his monetary details his salary makes his net worth crystal clear.

Kolton celebrating with a drink . Kolton Ingram gulping down booze.  SOURCE: Instagram- @kolton_ingram

Kolton will receive a base salary of $720,000 this year from the Angels he is considered a 2023 minor since he has just entered into the professional realms of the competitive game. Apart from Kolton, the richest MLB players are:  Alex Rodriguez leading the pack, possesses an enormous net worth of $350 million.  Derek Jeter closely follows with a fortune of $200 million.

Albert Pujols secures a notable position on the list with a significant net worth of $339.21 million, while  Miguel Cabrera is right behind with a noteworthy net value of $321 million. Rounding out the top five is,  Justin Verlander who distinguishes himself with an impressive net worth amounting to $274.588 million.

Kolton MLB Contract Breakdown: Los Angeles Angels Contract

In 2022, the Los Angeles Angels made a major move by selecting Kolton Ingram's contract from the Rocket City Trash Pandas on November 15. This marked a promising step in his career, indicating the Angels' interest in his talents. For the 2023 season, Ingram's salary was set at $720,000.

Kolton practices baseballIngram during baseball practice wearing a Tigers T-shirt.  SOURCE: Instagram- @kolton_ingram

Kolton's contract status underwent various changes in the lead-up to the season. Initially assigned to the Angels on March 22, 2022, he faced an option to the Salt Lake Bees on March 11, 2023. Shortly before the start of the season on March 30, 2023, Ingram's assignment shifted once again, this time to the Rocket City Trash Pandas from the Salt Lake Bees.

Kolton Ingram's professional journey has taken him through several teams in the baseball circuit. He began his career with the Sioux Falls Canaries in the American Association of Professional Baseball. Following his time there, he joined the ranks of the Rocket City Trash Pandas, the Tri-City Dust Devils, the Inland Empire 66ers, and even the GCL Tigers East. While he has a history of playing with these teams, the specifics of his contract agreements with them have remained undisclosed to the public.

Ingram's MLB Earnings & Endorsement Deals

Ingram is in the early stages of his baseball career. Despite his current lack of major endorsement deals and relatively modest earnings from MLB, his trajectory toward stardom is undeniable. As he continues to impress on the field, likely, sponsors will soon take notice.

If his high-level performance is consistence his MLB earnings could see a significant boost. At just 21 years old, Ingram's potential to become a superstar is striking. Already recognized as one of the most captivating players in baseball, his future holds the promise of exponential growth in both career earnings and endorsement opportunities.

Kolton's Colombus State University Career & Stats

During his time at Columbus State University from 2016 to 2019, Ingram's baseball journey showed steady growth and remarkable achievements. In his freshman year, which began in 2016, he rose as a valuable asset for the Cougars by making 19 appearances from the bullpen. His standout performance was highlighted by an impressive 3.46 ERA, the best on the team.

Kolton wearing Los Angeles Angels JerseyIngram is a skilled pitcher.  SOURCE: Instagram- @kolton_ingram

The next year, as a sophomore in 2017, Ingram continued to contribute significantly, participating in 16 games and securing a 2-1 record. His ERA stood at 4.50 during this period. However, it was Ingram's junior year in 2018 that truly defined his collegiate baseball career. Displaying a remarkable evolution, he not only became a crucial starter for the team but also dominated the field with a remarkable 14-3 record and an exceptional 2.18 ERA.

Ingram managed to strike out an impressive 150 batters in a total of 136.1 innings pitched. This exceptional performance also earned him recognition, as he secured the second spot in the Peach Belt Conference for Earned Run Average during that season. Throughout his college tenure, Ingram accumulated a remarkable overall record of 8 wins, 4 losses, and an impressive 21 saves, leaving an indelible mark on the baseball program at Columbus State University.

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Kolton Ingram Girlfriend: Ingram's Dating History

Kolton Ingram keeps his focus on his career and maintains a strong sense of privacy regarding his personal life. His relationship status remains a mystery, as there have been speculations about his outings with an unidentified woman. Despite these rumors, Kolton has neither confirmed nor refuted them, leaving his single status uncertain.

Kolton with his best friend.Kolton with his best friend at her wedding.  SOURCE: Instagram- @kolton_ingram

It's plausible that Kolton might be romantically involved but chooses to keep it concealed. His unwavering dedication to his career suggests that he might prefer not to risk any potential impact on his professional success by making his love life public. Alternatively, Kolton might simply value his privacy and opt to shield his relationships from the public eye.

On the flip side, Kolton could very well be unattached. Perhaps he hasn't encountered the right person yet, or he might not be actively seeking a relationship at this time. Given his youthful age and accomplishments, there's ample time for romance to find its way into his life.

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Ingram's Early Life & Background: Age, Height & Weight

Kolton Ingram, a professional baseball pitcher currently affiliated with the Los Angeles Angels, boasts an intriguing background. Born on October 21, 1996, he stands at a height of 5'9" (175 cm) and carries a weight of 170 lbs (77 kg).

Kolton with his lovely mother. Ingram with his beloved mother.  SOURCE: Instagram- @kolton_ingram

With his roots traced back to Columbus, Georgia, Ingram's hometown, he has embarked on a journey that has led him to the pinnacle of the baseball world. At 26 years old as of March 2023, his youthful energy and seasoned skills continue to shine on the pitching mound for the Los Angeles Angels, showcasing his dedication and passion for the sport.


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