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Facts of Joe Torre

Full Name
Joseph Torre
Last Name
Birth Name
Joseph Paul Torre
First Name
Famous Name
Joe Torre
Jacqueline Ann Reed, Diane Romaine
Married to
Alice Wolterman
Currently Married
Relationship Status
Margaret Torre
Joe, Sr.


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$60 million
Capacity of Major League Baseball's (MLB) chief baseball officer
Currently Club
Career Earnings
$1.28 Million


Jacqueline Ann Reed, Diane Romaine
Married to
Alice Wolterman
Currently Married
Relationship Status

An American professional baseball executive, Joe Torre currently stands in the capacity of Major League Baseball's (MLB) chief baseball officer, a position he held since 2011. 

Born on July 18, 1940, Torre is a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame who has a lengthy and distinguished career in MLB started as a player in 1960 and became a manager from 1977 to 2010. From 1984 to 1989, he worked as a television color commentator. 

Joe Torre Net Worth: Torre's Contracts, Career Earnings, Salary And Net Worth

Joe Torre is a former Major League Baseball player and manager who has had a successful career in the sport. In terms of career earnings, Torre has made a significant amount of money throughout his time in baseball. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Torre's net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

Joe Joe Torre with Dale Murphy at the world series.  SOURCE: Instagram- @therealjoetorre

Playing for Milwaukee / Atlanta Braves (1960–1968), St. Louis Cardinals (1969–1974), and New York Mets (1975–1977), he made over $1 million at that time. His salary details are listed below:

Year Team Earnings
1960 Milwaukee Braves $6,000
1961 Milwaukee Braves $6,500
1962 Milwaukee Braves $8,500
1963 Milwaukee Braves $22,000
1964 Milwaukee Braves $25,000
1965 Milwaukee Braves $35,000
1966 Atlanta Braves $45,000
1967 Atlanta Braves $55,000
1968 Atlanta Braves $65,000
1969 St. Louis Cardinals $75,000
1970 St. Louis Cardinals $85,000
1971 St. Louis Cardinals $110,000
1972 St. Louis Cardinals $130,000
1973 St. Louis Cardinals $150,000
1974 St. Louis Cardinals $140,000
1975 New York Mets $125,000
1976 New York Mets $105,000
1977 New York Mets $100,000

Eighteen seasons as an MLB player made Torre a millionaire rooster. His career earning is $1.28 Million. After retirement, he pursued a career as a coach, serving 29 seasons long. New York Yankees paid Torre $7 million in 2007, the final season of a $19.2 million, three-year contract.

After that, he managed the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2008 to 2010, where he earned an annual salary of $4.3 million per season. Besides, he has also managed St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, and New York Mets, through which he had earned millions of dollars.

Joe Torre's career as a comissioner, manager and baseball executive 

Furthermore, his sports journalism is another value-adding factor. He spent five years serving California Angels, NBC's Game of the Week, and ESPN. Since 2011, he is serving as the Commissioner, and his annual salary is believed no less than the seven-digit figure.   

Joe Torre's Luxurious house SOURCE: new york upstate

In 2018, Torre’s lake house hit the market for $1.39 million. The property on Lake Mahopac in Putnam County was built in 1936, which covers 2,358 square feet and features four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Torre also earned significant amounts of money as a manager for the New York Yankees, where he won multiple World Series championships. Overall, Joe Torre's career earnings demonstrate his success and longevity in the world of professional baseball.

Joe Torre- A Man With Lots Of Generosity

Torre and his wife Ali founded the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation in 2002. Later five years, the foundation partnered with the NHCAC to establish the Foundation's Margaret Place initiative with a $325,000 donation from Verizon. It continues to make funding from that company of up to $65,000 per annum.

Joe Torre's Married Life: From First Wife to Current Spouse, and Devotion to His Children

Joe Torre, the legendary baseball player and manager, has been married three times in his life. His first marriage was to Jackie Torre, whom he married in 1963. However, the couple decided to part ways in 1967. Following his divorce from Jackie, Torre got married to Dani, with whom he had two daughters, Lauren and Cristina. Unfortunately, their marriage also ended in divorce.

Joe's Ex-Wife Dani And Their Daughters SOURCE: Eceleb-Gossip

Joe Torre found love again in Alice (Ali) Wolterman, whom he married on August 23, 1987. The couple has been happily married ever since and shares a daughter named Andrea. Joe Torre has always been a family man and has been actively involved in the lives of his children. He has spoken in interviews about the importance of family and how his children have been a constant source of joy and support for him throughout his career.

Torre has also been a strong advocate for domestic violence awareness and prevention, having experienced it firsthand in his own family. His personal experiences have led him to become a spokesperson for organizations that help victims of domestic violence.

In conclusion, Joe Torre's married life has had its ups and downs, but he has always put his family first and has been a devoted father to his children.

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Joe Torre's Family Story: Overcoming Adversity and Honoring Legacy

Joe Torre, the celebrated baseball player and manager, was born in Brooklyn, New York, as the youngest of five children to Italian immigrants. His father, a plainclothes officer in the NYPD, was abusive towards his mother until Torre was 13. It was his older brother Frank who convinced their father to move out, which ultimately led to their parents' divorce. Despite the difficult circumstances, Torre's family remained a significant part of his life, with his sister Marguerite going on to become a Roman Catholic nun and teacher.

In addition to his sister, Torre had two brothers, both of whom have passed away. Frank Torre, who was also a Major League Baseball player, died in 2014, while Rocco Torre, a New York Police Department officer, passed away in 1996. Despite these losses, Torre has continued to honor his family's legacy, both on and off the baseball field.

Joe Torre's Legacy in Baseball: From Player to Executive and Advocate

Joe Torre's career in baseball has been extensive, not only as a player and manager, but also as an executive. After retiring from managing in 2010, he took on the role of Major League Baseball's executive vice president of baseball operations. In this position, Torre oversaw several areas of the sport, including umpiring and on-field operations, as well as discipline for players and managers.

JoeJoe Torre is baseball executive and advocate.  SOURCE: Instagram- @therealjoetorre 

In addition to his role at MLB, Torre also served as a co-chair of the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation, which works to end the cycle of domestic violence through education and support. His commitment to making a positive impact both on and off the field has cemented his status as one of baseball's most respected figures. With his impressive record as a player, manager, and executive, Joe Torre has left an indelible mark on the sport of baseball and continues to inspire others to achieve greatness in their own careers.

Career Highlights

  • 9× All-Star won in 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972, & 1973
  • 4× World Series champion won in 1996, 1998, 1999, & 2000
  • 1971 NL MVP 
  • 1965 Gold Glove Award 
  • 1971 NL batting champion 
  • 1971 NL RBI leader 
  • 2× AL Manager of the Year won in 1996 & 1998
  • New York Yankees No. 6 retired
  • St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame
  • Monument Park honoree

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