Jessica Delp

by Prasiddha 09 Mar,2023
Jessica Delp
Body Stats
Height 5 Feet 7 Inch
Weight in KG 69 kg
Personal Info
  • Father Unknown
  • Relationship Status married
  • Weekly wage
  • No. of Twitter Followers 30K
  • First Name Jessica
  • No. of Instagram Followers 128K
  • Mother Yoko Delp
  • Last Name Delp
  • Birth Name Jessica Delp
  • Net Worth $100,000
  • Mother Nationality American,Japanese
  • Currently Married Kris Bryant
  • Twitter
  • Siblings Tomo Delp and Joyce Delp
  • Married to Kris Bryant
  • Birth Country United States
  • No. of Siblings 2
  • Instagram
  • Children Kyler Lee, Carter and Colson Bryant
  • Horoscope Pisces
  • Date 4 March
  • Nationality American
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion Christians
  • Profession social media personality
  • Famous for Kris Bryant's Wife
  • University attended University of Las Vegas
  • School attended Bonanza High School
  • Graduated year

Jessica Delp is an American public figure with over 128k followers on Instagram who is also a homemaker. She rose to fame only after her nuptial with  Colorado Rockies Third baseman Kris Bryant. Jessica graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Las Vegas.

Jessica Bryant Delp was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on  March 4, 1992. Delp was raised along with her brother, Tomo Delph who is a baseball player who is aiming for Major League Baseball (MLB). Her mother, Yoko Delp is Japanese which also makes her half-Japanese. Jessica is living her jubilant married life with her husband, Kris Bryant, who is a professional MLB player.

Who is Kris Bryant's Wife?: Know About Jessica Delp

Kris and Jessica are from the same hometown and the lovebirds met in their freshmen year of high school. Delp is rumored to be around 15 years old when she was involved in an affair with Bryant in her high school days. After high school, the baseball player aimed for the University of Sandiego but didn't break apart even though the couples were in a long-distance relationship.

Jessica Jessica Delp shares a picture with her husband, Kris Bryant. SOURCE: Instagram: @jess__bryant

Kris decided to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Jessica in December 2015, and were engaged for more than a year. On January 17, 2017, Kris Bryant and Jessica Delp exchanged wedding vows and have enjoyed a state of prosperity and ecstasy since the marriage. Jessica prefers to go by her maiden name, Jessica Bryant, and is well-known for being the baseball player's wife.

Jessica Delp's Net Worth: How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kris Bryant?

Jessica graduated from the University of Las Vegas with a degree in psychology, currently, she regards herself as a philanthropist and seems like a homemaker nurturing her children. Jessica Delp's estimated net worth is around $100,000.  Delp is confidential regarding monetary aspects and keeps her revenue and expenditure private.

Jessica Jessica Delp's husband, Kris net worth is $40 million  SOURCE: Instagram: @jess__bryant

The world revolves around money and one who can provide financial security is regarded highly. Jessica Delp's husband Kris Bryant's net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, and his career earnings according to sportrac is approximately $83,020,737. The MLB player has provided his wife and children with a lavish environment for their growth and nourishment. He is enjoying his life embracing her child and wife without financial stress.

Though Kris's net worth on the internet is said to be around $8 million, the above net worth is an estimation from his career earnings provided by the sportrac. Jessica's father has managed to be away from the spotlight and there is no information available on their net worth or how much will Delp inherit from her family's assets.

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Kris Bryant's MLB Contract: Know About Her Husband's Salary

Kris Bryant was one of the top baseball prospects of his time, in 2013 he was drafted by Chicago Cubs as the no.2 overall pick. Kris spent 6 years of his professional career with this club bagging $81,856,365 from the Chicago Cubs. This Club helped Bryant develop his skill and experience to new heights.

The journey with San Francisco Giants didn't last long for the baseball player, as Bryant decided to leave the club after spending a year with them. Kris earned a total of $6,824,535 from the contract and salary of this club. Currently, the player plays for the Colorado Rockies and has already managed to bag a sum of $24,000,000, $17 million as salary, and $7 million as a signing bonus.

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Jessica Delp's Children: Who Are Kris Delph's Children? Know About Them

Jessica and Kris have been married for 6 years and they have exchanged each other hardships plus have matured as a couple. The duo started to date in their teen days and their bond is stronger than ever. Jessica Delp and Kris Bryant are blessed with 3 children, their eldest son whose name is, Kyler Lee Bryant was born on April 11, 2020, and will be 3 years old in April of 2023. The duo recently was gifted with twins on November 7, 2022.

Jessica Jessica Delp is blessed with 3 children as of 2023.  SOURCE: Instagram: @jess__bryant

Jessica updated her Instagram post and captioned,"7.11.2022 Bryant family of five". The twin were named Carter Bryant and Colson Bryant. Observing Jessica's Instagram, 2022  seemed like it was a fantastic year for the Bryant family and was blessed with full of surprises and affection. 

Jessica Delp's Husband: Kris Bryant's Trade To Colorado Rockies

In 2013's baseball prospects, Kris was among the best. At the time of the draft, The Chicago Cubs were scouting for a pitcher, instead, the club went with Bryant. After spending 6 years playing with great players like Brett Anderson, Kyle Hendricks, Mike Freeman, and Tommy La Stella. Then the player was traded to San Francisco Giants.

JessicaKris Bryant played with The Chicago Cubs for 6 years.  SOURCE: Instagram: @kris_bryant17

Kris greatly struggled to maintain the daily routine as he was used to the previous routine when the player was with the Cubs. Bryant was getting injured often and his performance in matches was degrading. Jessica's husband was again traded to Colorado Rockies and seemed like he might actually be able to hone and display his masterful skills and has already signed a seven-year contract with the club.

Kris Bryant And Jessica Delp's Physical Traits

Jessica is half-Japanese, but she doesn't resemble her mom much. Even though her dad has never made a public appearance, we can assume that her facial features and eyes might be like his. Jessica Delp stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 69 kilos. She is currently 31 years old.

Kris Bryant stands at 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 104 kilos, the man is an absolute hunk and has three children. The Bryant family might manufacture great baseball players and might shake up the world of baseball. Jessica and Kris are proud parents and lovely couples and are working for their well-being as well as the world's well-being.

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