How Rich is Bukayo Saka? Know About His Contract Details, Earnings, Salary, Contract and Donations

by Vicky Fri Dec,2022
How Rich is Bukayo Saka? Know About His Contract Details, Earnings, Salary, Contract and Donations

When it comes to wealth, some of the wealthiest athletes come from soccer. Bukayo Saka also boasts impressive riches. Saka played under the banner of Arsenal since his youth career. And in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Bukayo showed his worth to the world. Likewise, the talented English footballer earned the England Men's Player of the Year in the 2021-22 season. 

Fans of the sport can see Saka's passion for football. Bukayo earned a significant boost in his career after appearing in the English national squad. And the current momentum of Saka's soccer journey may see new heights back home. As a hot commodity in the football market, his earnings might also sore to new lengths.

Bukayo Saka commands a massive fortune and net worth!

It's improbable for Bukayo Saka to go broke any time soon. With years as a footballer, Saka accumulated vast wealth. And currently, Bukaya commands around $2.22 million or £1.8 million as his net worth.

BukayoBukayo Saka owns millions as his estimated net worth in 2022. SOURCE: [email protected]

Speaking of his wealth, Saka earns an approx. $246,000 or £200,000 a week. And the British footballer makes around $11.84 million/£9.6 million annually. Bukayo also draws his income from sponsors and endorsement deals.

Currently, Saka's most significant sponsorship deal is with New Balance sportswear. And although much about Bukayo's deal remains hidden, the footballer earns massive bucks from the endorsement. Saka is also an avid gamer, so he promoted Indigaming POGA through his Instagram.

Cars and Houses!

Looking through his IG posts, the British footballer enjoys a lavish life. And Bukayo also owns multiple luxurious cars. As per sources, the talented soccer star's prized possession would be his with Lamborgini. Saka also posted many pictures on a yacht, but it remains unclear if the footballer owns the vehicle.

Along with his luxurious cars, Saka bought a massive house in Hertfordshire in November 2019. Likewise, the soccer star paid around £2.3 million for the real estate property. But his other properties stay hidden from his fans. 

Will Arsenal increase Bukayo Saka's salary after his adventure in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Despite his age, Bukayo Saka played in the prestigious football tournament. Scoring his first FIFA World Cup goal, Saka found himself at a new height of success. And yes, England is out of the FIFA race; the matches they played were exciting. 

BukayoBukayo Saka earns hundreds of thousands a week from Arsenal FC. SOURCE: [email protected]

Bukayo netted three goals in his run in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. And over the years, Saka appeared in 111 matches under Arsenal's banner. And in the league matches, he scored 21 goals. The young Saka is one of the best footballers of his era.

Currently, Arsenal FC pays Saka hundreds of thousands a week. Seeing the young player's potential, other football clubs want the young soccer star under their banners. And to keep Saka enticed, the English football club might raise his pay.

Bukayo signed a five-year deal with Arsenal!

Before kicking off FIFA World Cup, Bukayo Saka had signed a five-year deal with Arsenal. Despite signing a new agreement, other top brace clubs have a keen interest in the young footballer. Likewise, Saka could join a new team in a transfer window in 2023.

Arsenal's position in the league isn't fairing that well. And to find a way to grow, Bukayo might end up joining a different club. After his adventure in the World Cups, Saka's transfer market value sits at a whopping £90 million.

Bukayo Saka and his Big Heart: Saka donated funds for 120 Life-Changing Surgeries!

Bukayo Saka earns massive bucks from his endorsement and wages. Saka pulls in millions of pounds annually. And Bukayo didn't keep all the cash for himself. Saka donated enough money to change a hundred and twenty people's life. 

BukayoBukayo Saka donated enough funds to change 120 children's life. SOURCE: [email protected]

Saka and BigShoe teamed up for a charity event. Likewise, they helped with the funds for 120 life-changing surgeries. The soccer star helped the less fortunate children with their medical bills and said he felt blessed to help them turn their lives around. 


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