Historic Win for Saudi Arabia Against Argentina: Final Score: 2:1!

Tue Nov,2022
Historic Win for Saudi Arabia Against Argentina: Final Score: 2:1! Soccer

Saudi Arabia has stunned the World cup Favourites, Argentine, in the first game of the World Cup 2022. What a day for Saudi Arabian fans around the globe. The game ended with a 2:1 win against Argentina. This is the first time that Argentina has lost a World Cup match after scoring the first goal in the game. 

Saudi Arabia became the first non-European team to beat Argentina at the World Cup since 1990. The team that won against Argentina has either won the World Cup competition or has reached the final.

Argentina took the lead in the 10th minute as they were awarded a penalty after the referee saw a foul on Paredes on the VAR monitor. In the first half, three other goals were disallowed by the VAR and offsides. 

Saudi Arabia could not manage a shot in the first 45 minutes, but they scored with both of their shots on target in the second half.

Al Shehri equalized in the 48th minute after scoring via a deflection from Romero.

In the 53rd minute, a stunning curler from Aldawsari put Saudi Arabia in the lead. Al Owais made five saves in the game, while substitute Al Amri cleared the ball off the line in the 92nd minute to secure a 2-1 win for his side. 

Saudi Arabia has put a hold on the 36-match winning streak of the Argentine.