Graeme Souness

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Facts of Graeme Souness

Birth Name
Graeme James Souness
Famous Name
Graeme Souness
Birth Date
Danielle Wilson
Currently Married
Karen Souness


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$6.8 million


Danielle Wilson
Currently Married
Karen Souness

Former Retired professional football manager and player Graeme Souness, who belongs to Scottish nationality, was an outstanding midfielder and the captain of the Liverpool team in the early 1980s, Player-Manager of the Rangers in the late 1980s, and also the captain of the Scottish national team.  

Graeme James Souness was born on May 6, 1953, under the Taurus star sign. He was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a player, Souness showcased his talents on the field, demonstrating exceptional skills and a strong presence. His career spanned several clubs, including successful stints with Middlesbrough, Liverpool, and Sampdoria.

Graeme Souness Wife, Karne Souness: Karen, a Blonde Bombshell is Gareme's Second Wife

Graeme James Souness embarks on a mesmerizing odyssey of love alongside his captivating second wife, the alluring Karen Souness. As the momentous year 2024 looms, anticipation mounts for the joyous celebration of three decades since this extraordinary couple sealed their destinies in the sacred embrace of matrimony. Cloaked in mystery, their clandestine wedding conceals the precise date and hallowed venue, leaving the world to wonder in awe.

Graeme Souness's wife, Karen Souness SOURCE: Daily Records

Yet, amidst the veils of secrecy, a love story shines brighter than the golden rays caressing a sandy beach. The bond shared between Graeme Souness and his devoted wife, Karen, radiates with unwavering devotion and profound affection. Together, they have woven a tapestry of love, trust, and companionship that defies the passing of time. Karen's unwavering support as a loving wife has been the cornerstone of Graeme's journey, uplifting his spirits through triumphs and trials. In the hearts of their loved ones, Karen stands as the epitome of a loyal and cherished wife, a beacon of strength and unwavering love. As they approach their milestone anniversary, Graeme and Karen Souness continue to inspire with their unwavering commitment to their sacred vows, exemplifying the true essence of a devoted husband and wife.

Graeme Souness First Wife, Danielle Wilson: Reason Behind their Divorce?

Graeme was married to his first wife, Danielle Wilson, whom he met in 1982, and after dating for roughly two years, the Couple tied the knot in a marital relationship in 1984. Before their marriage, Daniella had a young daughter whom Graeme adopted. The Couple is blessed with three more children after their marriage. They are Fraser Souness, Jorden Souness, and Chantelle Souness. 

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Couple decided to part ways in 1989 after seven years of married life and eventually divorced. Souness is married to Karen Souness, and together they have a son from their marriage life, James Souness. Karen has two children from her previous marriage as well. One of her daughters, Lauren, works at Al-Jazeera as a sports presenter.

Graeme Souness Net Worth, Contract, Career Earnings: Salary as Player/ Manager at Rangers and Liverpool 

Graeme Souness has an estimated net worth of $6.8 Million. He made his debut in the league after being transferred to Middlesbrough for  £30,000 in 1972. His performance Changed drastically in Middlesbrough, and Liverpool signed him on January 20, 1978, for a fee of £350,000. 

Graeme Graeme Souness in his young days.  SOURCE: Instagram- sportizzle_footballscottish

After transferring to Liverpool, he certainly received a lot of attention since winning five League Championships, three European Cups, and four League Cups. Following his successful career in Liverpool, he then transferred to Sampdoria for £650,000. 

Graeme Souness Career Earnings and Career Timeline As Player & a Manager

As a new beginning for Souness as a player/manager, he received a Whopping £6 million fee for his entry into the Rangers. Being a star player, he has also appeared in World Cup tournaments and has been rewarded for his performance. He played in the 1978, 1982, and 1986 FIFA World Cups for the Scottland squad. 

GraemeGraeme Souness retired from Sky Sports  SOURCE: Instagram-
Years   Teams Profession
1970-1972 Tottenham Hotspur Player
1972-1978  Middlesbrough Player
1978-1984 Liverpool  Player
1984-1986 Sampdoria Player
1986-1991 Rangers Player/Manager
1991-1994 Liverpool  Manager
1995-1996 Galatasaray  Manager
1996-1997 Southampton Manager
1997 Torino  Manager
1997-1999 Benfica Manager
2000-2004 Blackburn Rovers Manager
2004-2006 Newcastle United Manager

Souness received £200,000 annually for his role as a manager in Southhampton. He then signed with Torina for an annual £750,000 for a two-year contract. The contract with Benfica hasn't been mentioned in any media, but he signed a three-year contract with Blackburn Rovers for £20,000 per week. He has achieved much success in his life but not in his last team, where he had 18 months of disappointment in Newcastle United.  

The 69-year-old ended his career as a "manager" at Newcastle United and has made television appearances. He is one of the main analysts on Sky Sports covering the premier league and also works for TV3 in Ireland and BEIN Sports in Qatar, mainly during International Summer Tournaments and Champions League game weeks.

Similarly, he has also contributed to RTE's live coverage of the UEFA Champions League and 2010 FIFA World Cup alongside Johnny Giles, Eamon Dunphy, Liam Brady, Ronnie Whelan, Denis Irwin, Ossie Ardiles, and Dietmar Hamann

Souness also tried to gain ownership over the Wolverhampton Wanderers for £20 million in January 2008. He made a formal offer to look at the finances of the club. However, the club rejected the bid and was later sold to another investor, according to the reports from Daily Mirror.

Souness has put his hand on various occupations during his entire life and has managed to gain a net worth of £15 million from his past endeavors, and with all of his fortune, he is living a life of luxury with his wife.

Graeme Souness Real Estates, and Assets

Having millions of dollars in the bank, you would occasionally want to change cars and homes. Souness sold his family home in Colinton, Edinburgh, to Fred Goodwin in 2010.

Graeme Souness House in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset SOURCE:

After selling their house in Colington, the Couple then decided to buy their new property at the Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset, for an astounding £2.5 million. Talking about the present scenario, the Couple recently sold their Cheshire Mansion for a Whopping £3.5 million, according to the reports from Dailymail.

Graeme Souness’ Galatasaray Flag Incident

The former manager for Liverpool is remembered for his outrageous performance in Fenenahce's Sukra Saracoglu Stadium, where he planted a flag in the center of the stadium in 1996.

This was in response to the question of the vice president of the opposing team, "what is Galatasaray doing signing a cripple as a coach?". Cripple refers to the open-heart surgery he went through a couple of years back. This ignited Souness to go through such an event. 

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Graeme Souness Achievements and Honors

  • Graeme Souness in the Scotland national football team's Roll of Honor
  • Graeme Souness is among the Football League 100 Legends
  • Graeme Souness is one of the Liverpool 100 players who shook the Kop
  • Graeme Souness inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame
  • Graeme Souness honored in the Scottish Football Hall of Fame
  • Graeme Souness celebrated in the Rangers Hall of Fame

As a Player

  • Graeme Souness with the FA Youth Cup: 1969-70
  • Graeme Souness part of the Football League Second Division: 1973-74
  • Graeme Souness contributed to the success in the Football League First Division: 1978–79, 1979–80, 1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84
  • Graeme Souness lifting the Football League Cup: 1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84
  • Graeme Souness victorious in the FA Charity Shield: 1979, 1980, 1982
  • Graeme Souness was instrumental in winning the European Cup: 1977–78, 1980–81, 1983–84
  • Graeme Souness triumphant in the Coppa Italia: 1984-85
  • Graeme Souness achieving glory in the Scottish Premier Division: 1986-87
  • Graeme Souness conquering the Scottish League Cup: 1986-87
  • Graeme Souness honored with the European Cup Golden Boot: 1980–81
  • Graeme Souness was recognized in the PFA First Division Team of the Year: 1980–81, 1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84
  • Graeme Souness named in the PFA Team of the Century (1977–96): 2007

As a Manager

  • Graeme Souness leading to success in the Scottish Premier Division: 1986–87, 1988–89, 1989–90
  • Graeme Souness was victorious in the Scottish League Cup: 1986–87, 1987–88, 1988–89, 1990–91
  • Graeme Souness guiding the team to triumph in the FA Cup: 1991-92
  • Graeme Souness achieving glory in the Turkish Cup: 1995-96
  • Graeme Souness victorious in the Turkish Super Cup: 1996
  • Graeme Souness securing the Football League Cup: 2001-02
  • Graeme Souness honored as the Premier League Manager of the Month: October 1996, April 1997

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