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PSR 08 Aug,2023

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Joshua Rivera
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Joshua Ismael Rivera
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Victor Rivera
Melissa Giordano
Samantha, Angel, Eve, & Jacob
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Fordham University Men's Basketball


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Joshua Rivera is a basketball athlete associated with Fordham University. He contributed to their men's basketball team as a forward. In his freshman year at Lafayette College in the 2022-23 season, he earned recognition by securing a spot on the Patriot League All-Rookie Team.

Transitioning from Lafayette College, he transferred to Fordham University, where he is poised to commence his journey. He is categorized as a shooting guard, under jersey number 55. The player is selected for the Puerto Rican National Team and will play for them before returning to Fordham.

Fordham's Player, Joshua Rivera Net Worth 2023: How rich is Joshua?

Rivera is a budding athlete who has shown promise in the tough world of basketball the player is dedicated, disciplined & hardworking and will shine after his NBA draft which is in 2026. Joshua Rivera now has an estimated net worth of around $100,000. Rivera hasn't talked about his monetary details and seems like he is living a well-to-do life with his parent's financial support.

Joshua will be a rich basketball athlete in the future.Joshua Rivera has an estimated net worth of $100,000  SOURCE: Instagram- @joshuarivera5_

With the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules, college athletes now have the chance to earn money through brand promotions. This means athletes can enter into endorsements and sponsored content deals, allowing them to independently profit from their image and success.

Brands can collaborate with athletes to tap into their popularity and influence, creating new financial opportunities. Depending on the sport and college market size, student-athletes can potentially earn anywhere from $1,000 to $1 million from their name and likeness rights.

Joshua Rivera Endorsement Deals: Has the Athlete made any Endorsement Deals?

Joshua has not yet ventured into endorsement deals. Currently focused on honing his skills and contributing to his collegiate team, he's working diligently on the court. However, being in the early stages of his basketball journey, he hasn't reached the level of expertise that often attracts sponsorship offers from brands.

Joshua in a basketball practice sessionJoshua practicing with his teammates  SOURCE: Instagram- @joshuarivera5_

While Joshua might not have secured endorsements at this point, his dedication and performance suggest a promising future. As he continues to develop his abilities and make strides in his athletic career, he will likely catch the attention of high-profile brands. 

Rivera's Fordham & Lafayette University Stats

Hailing from Old Bridge, New Jersey, Joshua Rivera is a 6'6" forward who made a transfer to Fordham University from Lafayette. During his freshman year at Lafayette, he showcased his skills by averaging 10.6 points and 5.3 rebounds per game. Known for his contributions on the court, Rivera was also recognized for his talent as he earned a spot on the Patriot League All-Rookie team.

Joshua inside a car during the golden hour.Joshua will be playing from Puerto Rican Basketball T  SOURCE: Instagram- @joshuarivera5_

Before embarking on his debut season with the Fordham Rams, Rivera is set to make his mark internationally. He will represent the Puerto Rican National Team in three games. His stats from his first year at Lafayette displayed impressive numbers, including a field goal percentage of 45.3.

He finished second on the team in both scoring and rebounding, illustrating his significant impact on the game. Additionally, his all-around abilities were evident as he averaged 1.6 assists per game, highlighting his contribution beyond just scoring and rebounding.

Joshua Rivera's Girlfriend: Is the Collegiate Athlete Single?

Joshua Rivera is super focused on his basketball dreams. He works hard and spends a lot of time practicing and playing games with his team. Because he's so dedicated to basketball, he doesn't have much time for dating or relationships.

Joshua is a single collegiate basketball playerRivera is currently single and focused on basketball.  SOURCE: Instagram- @joshuarivera5_

Joshua's main goal is to get better at basketball and help his team succeed. This leaves him with little time for romantic stuff. While other students might be busy with dating, Joshua is all about improving his skills and doing his best in games.

Even though he's not in a relationship right now, it's because he's putting all his energy into basketball. Joshua's determination and hard work make him stand out, and he's someone who's focused on his dreams and making them come true on the basketball court.

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Joshua's Basketball Journey Till Now

Joshua Rivera's basketball journey includes three years at St. Thomas Aquinas and a year at Putnam Science Academy before he ventured into college basketball. During his freshman year at Lafayette, he demonstrated his skills by averaging 10.6 points and 5.3 rebounds per game, earning the distinction of finishing second in both scoring and rebounding for the team.

Joshua will be playing for fordham when he comes back after playing FIBA for Puerto Rican Team. Rivera is now dedicated to team Fordham  SOURCE: Instagram- @joshuarivera5_

Rivera's impressive performance led to a spot on the Patriot League All-Rookie team, highlighting his potential and skill on the court. Making a transition, Rivera transferred from Lafayette to Fordham University, a step that signifies his commitment to enhancing his basketball career. Ahead of his inaugural season with the Fordham Rams, he's set to participate in three games representing the Puerto Rican National Team.

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Rivera's Basketball Achievements- Joshua is Selected to Play for the Puerto Rican National Team

In his beginning year at Lafayette College, Joshua Rivera earned remarkable achievements by getting chosen for the Patriot League All-Rookie team. Looking ahead, Rivera's basketball journey is set to expand as he's been selected to represent the Puerto Rican National Team in the year 2023.

This announcement was made on August 7, 2023. Notably, Rivera is scheduled to compete in three games as part of this national team opportunity. Impressively, his involvement in international play precedes the beginning of his inaugural season with the Fordham Rams, hinting at an exciting chapter in his burgeoning basketball career.


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