Famous For His Haircut American Baseball Right Fielder Bryce Harper Was Married to Kayla Varner, Now Dating Anyone as a Girlfriend?

Mon Sep,2018
Famous For His Haircut American Baseball Right Fielder Bryce Harper Was Married to Kayla Varner, Now Dating Anyone as a Girlfriend? Baseball

Bryce Harper has made a name for himself in baseball since his rookie years. However, it is not just his playstyle that has been gaining the attention of the fans and media but also his unique haircuts. Bryce likes to change his hairstyle and try out new everytime which has made people think that he is not just good at baseball but also in fashion as well.


With the strong physique of an athlete matched with his everchanging and cool hairstyle, he has always been a hit with the ladies. We are sure that there are plenty of girls out there who would give everything they have to be in a relationship with this famous athlete. But, he is already taken and the ladies aiming for him have to back off for now.

Happily Married Harper

Harper is a married man and shall complete his two year anniversary in December of this year. He married his longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner who he had been together since his high school days. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on December 17, 2016.


For Time & All Eternity #mrandmrsharper

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They had spent months on planning and arranging for their wedding so that everything would go perfect but it was the weather that almost ruined their wedding. According to Kayla, it had rained for a few days straight before their wedding with no break in the weather. But, the weather did not change their minds and they completed their commitment to one another.

Harper had a special jacket made specifically for the wedding. The inside of his jacket was lined with photos of his bride and had a patch that read Mr. & Mrs. Harper, December 16, 2016. It was definitely a one of a kind jacket which showed that he was ready to spend the rest of his life with Kayla.

Almost two years into their marriage and so far there have not been any signs suggesting that he has issues in his marriage. Harper is happily married and we hope that the magic in their relationship keeps growing.

Harper's Engagement in The Past

This is the first time that Harper got married but this was the second time that he got engaged. Now you may be wondering who he was engaged to in the past and why he did not marry his fiance of the past. The answer may surprise you but he was previously engaged to his now wife Kayla.

That is right the now happily married couple could have started their married life earlier than they did but for some reason, the marriage was canceled. Harper had popped the question to Kayla in 2015 as well and the two were engaged but their marriage during that time would not happen.



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Many people had thought that their relationship had ended but it did not turn out to be the case. The couple must have had some relationship issues which needed to be resolved before marriage. In July of 2016, the two got back together and not long after that they got back on track and got married. They seem to have had issues in their relationship in the past but looks as if that helped to strengthen their relationship.