Earl Woods

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Facts of Earl Woods

the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, the Parachutist Badge.
Full Name
Earl Dennison Woods
Last Name
Birth Name
Earl Dennison Woods
First Name
Barbara Ann Hart
Married to
Kultida Woods
Relationship Status
Miles Woods
Maude Carter
Tiger Woods, Royce Renee Woods, Earl Woods Jr, Kevin Dale Woods
Hattie Bell Woods
No. of Siblings
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$1 million
Famous for
Being the father of Tiger Woods.


Barbara Ann Hart
Married to
Kultida Woods
Relationship Status

Earl Woods was a former collegiate baseball player and was also a former lieutenant colonel; he was assigned as an instructor of Military Science & Tactics. Earl learned to play golf at Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton and later transferred that knowledge to his son, who later on became a professional golfer.

Earl Dennison Woods was born on March 5, 1932, in Manhattan, Kansas. Earl's bloodline is related to some Native American genes: unfortunately, Dennison rested in peace in 2006. Woods's son, Tiger Woods made his father proud and preserved the name of their family in America's history.

Earl Woods Age: When Did Earl Woods Die?

Earl was spontaneous and was always involved in different activities, he worked even after his retirement from the military. Woods served his nation and in turn, was greatly honored for it. Earl died before his wife Kultida, she is still thriving and is currently 79 years old. 

Eral Eral Woods married two women.  SOURCE: Pinterest

The former colonels had 5 step siblings and 5 siblings from his own mother, Maude Carter. During his old days, Earl went to observe his son's match. When Earl was 74 years of age, he left this world on May 3, 2006, due to recurring cancer and a heart attack.

Net Worth Of Earl Woods: Also Know About The Net Worth Of Tiger Woods As Of 2023

The former Colonel's father died of brain illness and when he was 15, his mother also died. Earl was raised by his elder sister Hattie Bell Woods and had to struggle financially. Earl Woods's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million at the time of his death.

EralEral Woods served in the Vietnam war.  SOURCE: Instagram

However, Earl was financially secure as his son Tiger Woods's estimated net worth as of 2023 is $1.1 billion and his total career earnings were approximately $120,954,766. Tiger's net worth is close to his career earnings cause he earned a whopping $1.7 billion from brand endorsements and is enjoying his lavish life as of 2023.

Earl Woods's Wives: Did Tiger Woods Have A Step-Mother?

The Colonel was a tall and handsome lad and must have had many affairs in his life. Earl Woods was married to two wives, his first wife was, Barbara Ann Hart and the second one was, Kultida Woods. He married his first wife on May 18, 1954, and after the divorce in 1968, Woods married Kultida in 1969. Earl shared 3 children with Barbara, Earl Woods Junior, Royce Renee Woods, and Kevin Dale Woods.

Eral Tiger Woods was mentored by Eral Woods.  SOURCE: Instagram

The former Colonel met Kultida Punsawad during his deployment in 1966. Kultida was of Chinese, Thai, and Dutch descent which makes Tiger Woods a multi-racial player. Earl and Barbara had 3 children who are the step-siblings of  Eldrick Tont Woods who was her one and only son.

Earl Woods Son: Tiger Woods Became The First Billionaire Golfer

The former Soldier played an essential role in shaping his son Tiger Woods's career. Later on, he was announced as the first billionaire by Forbes and ranks 14th on the list of the world's highest-paid athletes. Earl thought mentored his son physically rather than verbally, Tiger would just observe him play and would imitate his motor movements.

Earl Earl woods' son, Tiger Woods is a billionaire.  SOURCE: Instagram

Tiger turned a professional golfer at the age of 26, he was coached by professional coaches like Hank Haney, Sean Foley, and Catana Starks. Earl nicknamed his son 'Tiger', cause he was a friend of a Vietnamese soldier named 'Vuong Dang Phong', who was nicknamed, 'Tiger' by Earl. 

Earl Woods's Military Career: What Was His Condition After Inhuman Battles?

The former soldier served in the United States Army for 2 decades, he was an infantry officer in southern Vietnam at the initial stages but was later promoted to lieutenant colonel after graduating from Defense Information School. 

As an infantry officer, he served in the then-ongoing Vietnam war which was fought between Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Earl's duties as a soldier were commanding, leading, planning, training, and strategizing to make soldiers dominant in critical combat.

The Vietnam war was one of the most brutal and cut-throat wars in the history of human civilization. Earl didn't serve as an infantry officer for a long time as woods was promoted to lieutenant colonel, due to which he was able to avoid traumatic incidents.

Tiger Woods's Dad: Earl Woods Height and Accolades

The former soldier was athletic and was involved in games like golf and baseball; Earl learned golf on his own and thought that to Tiger Woods for the first time in the U.S. military courses in southern California. The late Earl Woods stood might have stood over 5 feet 11 inches as he had wide shoulders and a wide athletic body.

As a former soldier, Earl received various honorable military awards from the U.S. government. Some of the most honorable awards that he received during his military career were the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, the Parachutist Badge, and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Who Is Earl Woods's Granddaughter? Know About Her

Earl Woods's granddaughter and Tiger Woods's niece, Cheyenne Nicole Woods is also a professional golf player. Cheyenne was nominated for the BET Award for sportswoman of the year in 2012.

The other grandchildren of Earl Woods are Charlie Axel Woods, and Sam Alexis Woods who are the children of billionaire golfer Tiger Woods. Charlie Axel Woods seems like he currently practicing golf and might be a great golf player like his dad and granddad in near future.


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