Dwyane Wade's Tribute to Kobe Bryant via an Instagram post, Wade shows A high level of Admiration

August 23, 2018
First published on:August 23, 2018
by James

Dwyane Wade in his Instagram post on 22nd August 2018, showed how much he respects the retired Basketball player and NBA star Kobe Bryant. Wade via his post shows a high level of admiration towards Bryant. 


In the post, Dwyane Wade remembered the Olympics 2008, where they shared the court and brought home the Gold and even shared what he felt when Kobe retired from the LA Lakers. When Wade first entered the sports, Kobe Bryant was at the height of his game and that was when Lakers won three championships and made to the four NBA final in five seasons.

Wade at the end said that he knew after Bryan retired, he thought that he will never be the same player as he would have no-one to look up to and to compete.

Let's take a look at his Instagram post that captioned

Black Mamba!!! I remember watching him closely when i in high school, college and the NBA. This dude was UnReal! I remember the day i heard he was retiring and selfishly i thought Nooooooo. Who will i have to chase? Who stats will i’d check as soon as my game ends? I knew inside I’ll never be the same when he retired. A lot of y’all forget very easy that this dude was an absolute BEAST! @kobebryant thank you for your greatness!

Enjoy the Post:



These players have shared the court against each other in several Laker Vs Heat events, but Dwyane remembered how they shared the 2008 Olympic camp and brought home the gold. Bryant and Wade won Olympic gold as Team USA teammates in 2008, but Wade missed 2012's London Olympics after suffering a knee injury.