Bill Barnwell

Nick 10 Sep,2017


Bill Barnwell is a staff writer and sports writer at, primarily focusing on the coverage of NFL, NBA, and MLB. Previously, he worked as a Sports Editor at IGN Entertainment and Managing Editor at Football Outsiders.

Early Life

Barnwell was born in the Northeast, California and holds an American nationality. Barnwell has not revealed any of info about his parents, siblings and early life. He attended Northeastern University and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies.

Professional Career

Barnwell started his career as a Sports Editor for IGN Entertainment, where he worked for 11 months. Then he worked for Football Outsiders as a Managing Editor for 2 yrs and 8 months. Barnwell was brought on to work to write for Grantland, a sports and pop-culture website which began by Bill Simmons in affiliation with ESPN.

At Grantland, he wrote the columns about the National Football League that includes coverage and analysis of the NFL Draft, free agency, salary cap, coaching strategy, rule changes, and prop bets. In addition, he wrote about the NBA, UFC, Premier League and often made his appearance as a guest on The B.S Report.

Barnwell alongside with fellow writer Robert Mayes hosted the Grantland NFL Podcast from August 2013 until October 2015. He was assigned as a full-time writer for ESPN in 2015. 

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Personal Life & Affair

Barnwell has been handling his own profession very well. He is totally dedicated and devoted to his career. But when it comes to his personal life. He is so secretive to giving any of info about his affair, girlfriend, dating history, wife, or marriage life.

Until now, he has not talked even a single about his private life to the media and public. Some of his fans are in confusion about his sexual preference. He does not talk about his sexuality. He believed to be straight at all. It seems, he is currently focusing on his work and his career and goal is everything for him.

At one time, the NFL Podcast missed several scheduled release dates without any explanation for more than 2 weeks so that Barnwell and Mays were in a dispute with temporary editor Chris Connelly.

Net Worth

With his dedication and devotion, Barnwell has made a huge impact on his own career. He is earning a fruitful salary that boosted his total net worth. He is earning an annual salary of $400-500k. His net worth might be more than $2 million but there is no any source to prove it.


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