Chicago Cubs' Kris Bryant Married Jessica Delp in 2017: Know Their Relationship and Plans For Babies

Fri May,2018
Chicago Cubs' Kris Bryant Married Jessica Delp in 2017: Know Their Relationship and Plans For Babies Baseball

Kristopher Lee Bryant is the third baseman for Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.  He is also the son of former Minor League Player Mike Bryant. His father sold his patio furniture store to get a more flexible job schedule to train him to become a professional baseball player. His MLB debut was on April 17, 2015, for Chicago Cubs.

Major league Baseball player Kris Bryant is tall and handsome and is spectacular on the baseball field full of compassion like any veteran player. He has millions of fans and might have hurt plenty of young ladies' hearts but for a very good reason. He married pretty early in life when he was only 25, in 2017. He is married to his high school sweetheart Jessica Delp

Kris Bryant and Jessica Delp: How They First Met?

Kris Bryant met his now-wife Jessica Delp when they were just teenagers. They both attended the same high school, Bonanza High School in Las Vegas and graduated together in 2010. They dated each other since Sophomore and from that time they were in a long-distance relationship, the couple chose a separate university.

Kris went to Universtiy of San Diego whereas his girlfriend stayed in Las Vegas and attended the University of Las Vegas.

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Kris did not hesitate to reveal that he has a girlfriend when he appeared for the first press conference after being signed by Chicago Cubs in 2015. Though his move was criticised and made fun of, it was a brave move on not to let any other women into their beautiful relationship.

Their Dream-like Marriage Ceremony and Baby-talk

After 8 years of dating each other, the couple gleefully announced that they were engaged in 2015 and also promptly announced that they would be marrying in Las Vegas where it all started. They had their engagement photo shoot at Wrigley field and posted on their social media account.

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They got married in January 2017 in Las Vegas with all his teammates flying in for the ceremony. Prior to the new year 2018, Bryant was announced National League MVP of 2017 and as well as his team won the World Series that year. He said it was a perfect end to the great year/ gaming season of 2016 that he had. 

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The couple is still pretty young,  Kris is only three years into playing into MLB professionally.  jessica Delp who has joined into many charity activities after their marriage in Chicago, where the couple resides. She finds herself busy in her work. It seems there are no urgent plans on adding a new family member. They may, however, surprise us with exciting news of a baby-on-board.