Baseball Midfielder Aaron Boone Is In a Married Relationship Since a Long Time and Has Two Children

Wed May,2018
Baseball Midfielder Aaron Boone Is In a Married Relationship Since a Long Time and Has Two Children Baseball

Aaron John Boone, professionally known as Aaron Boone, is a former American professional baseball infielder and is the current manager of the New York Yankees. He comes from a family of baseball players and is continuing their legacy.

Boone has played for many clubs and was employed by ESPN as a game analyst. After a long career in baseball, he has retired and settled down with his lovely wife. Don't believe it? Maybe you'll be convinced once we acquaint you with the facts.

Who Is Aaron Boone Wife?

The former baseball player Aaron Boone is married to an American model and actress Laura Cover, who was born in Ohio and has a Christian background. Laura did gymnastics and played soccer in high school but got into modeling soon after.

Once a polaroid picture of her was taken in the open call audition at a Playboy studio, she was selected to be the Playmate of the Month

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Laura has appeared in many of Playboy's videos and has posed for many newsstand magazines. She has also worked for Mystique magazine. 

Aaron Boone and Laura Cover got married in November 2002

Aaron Boone's Married Life

Aaron Boone and his wife have four children: Brandon, Bella, Jeanel, and Sergot. Brandon and Bella are their biological children whereas the Jeanel and Sergot are adopted. They spend all holidays together and support each other in all situations. Aaron loves taking pictures with his children and takes them to several baseball matches.


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He spends plenty of time with his wife and children but when duty calls, he is always ready to work. He takes his family to several places.

A Brief History of His Career

In 1994, the Cincinnati Reds selected Boone in the third round of the 1994 MLB draft. Boone made his debut in 1997 and played a number of games on their behalf.

After then, the New York Yankees acquired them from the Reds. During Boone's time with them, he hit a walk-off home run which gave the Yankees a 6-5 victory over Boston Red Sox.

CAPTION: Aaron Boone in the game SOURCE: Sportsnet

Boone later signed the Cleaveland Indians with a two-year contract. He earned a lot during his time with them. Later, he signed contracts with Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals, and Houston Astros.