Argentina Likely To Be Knocked Out Of The World Cup 2018; Will Lionel Messi Take His Second Retirement After 2018 WC?

June 22, 2018
First published on:June 22, 2018
by James

Right now Argentina is in a pretty bad position in 2018's world-cup. After it's second group stage match against Croatia on 21 June 2018 the former world cup finalists are close enough to face an unwilling defeat this world cup from its group stage. With this, being said, all eyes are now stuck on Lionel Messi who came out of retirement to lead the Argentine squad to the Worldcup.


As Messi already had taken the retirement from the Argentine national team right after last summer Olympics so, there was a lot of anticipation about whether Messi will lead the Argentina squad this WorldCup or not and after their performance in the last world cup match against Croatia his retirement seem closer than ever.

After playing draw with Iceland at its opening group match, Argentine team lead by Barcelona's frontman and striker Messi had a huge pressure of winning the match against Croatia but despite having a good ball position they were unable to shine brightly against Croatia and is on the verge of getting knocked out right from its group stage. 

Right now all Argentine hope lies on the performances of other teams in the group stage and the former finalists are right on the danger zone of getting knocked out of the world cup 2018. So, seeing the aftermath of Messi's previous Olympic loss, most of the football MC's are predicting that WC 2018 may be the last World cup appearance for this 31 years old striker.

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