American basketball player J. J. Redick is Living Happily with his Wife Chelsea Kilgore

Fri May,2018
American basketball player J. J. Redick is Living Happily with his Wife Chelsea Kilgore Basketball

Jonathan Clay Radick aka J.J. Redick is a basketball player, playing for Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He plays in the shooting guard position for the team. He was selected as the 11th pick in the 2006 NBA draft. He holds the record for most points and most career ACC tournament points. 

33-year-old Redick is married to Chelsea Kilgore since 2010. In 7 plus years of marriage, they have managed to remain together happily. The couple is also proud parents of two sons. 

J.J Redick's Wife Chelsea Kilgore 

JJ met his wife Chelsea Kilgore in the year 2008. Most probably with something related to pilates because Chelsea used to be a pilates instructor. After a short span of their serious dating, the couple got engaged in June 2009.

Within a  year of their engagement, the couple walked down the aisle, on 26 July 2010.  

CAPTION: JJ Redick with his wife Chelsea and her twin Kylee SOURCE: Instagram

Redick and Kylee, they love spending quality time traveling and enjoying delicious food trying new restaurants.

Chelsea Kilgore has a twin sister named Kylee Kilgore. JJ addresses both women as his two best friends and his sister-in-law Kylee as his half-life.  

J.J. Redick and Chelsea Kilgore: Proud Parents of Two Sons

The couple welcomed their first child a baby boy in 2014, 4 years after their marriage. They named their son Knox derived from their favorite band, Knox Hamilton. Though JJ being a basketball player, the player has several times mentioned in his social media accounts that his little boy is more into baseball even though he is very young.

CAPTION: JJ Redick with wife Chelsea and son Knox SOURCE: Pinterest

The happy couple welcomed their second child, another son in August 2016. They completed the family as Knox got himself a baby brother to play with. The youngest child was named Kai.

CAPTION: JJ Redick and Chelsea Redick sons Knox and kai SOURCE: Pinterest

The couple resides in Brooklyn, New York. JJ who turned into Christian at the same time around when he met his wife, honors her by saying that God is his heavenly rock and his wife being his earthly rock. JJ puts much effort to make his wife happy and spends any free day during his season having quality time with his wife Chelsea. 

Chelsea who is always with her hubby supporting him in life still works as a Pilates instructor and she also put her spare time working in the JJ's non-profit charitable foundation JJ Redick Foundation.