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Amari Burney, born on June 12, 2000, in St. Petersburg, Florida, is an American football linebacker presently affiliated with the Las Vegas Raiders in the National Football League (NFL). He pursued his college football career at the University of Florida.

In the 2023 NFL Draft, Burney was selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the sixth round as the 203rd overall pick. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) and weighing 228 pounds (103 kilograms), he brings his athletic prowess to the team.

Amari Burney's net worth and contracts 

Amari has a net worth of $300,000 as of 2023 but the figures might be changing soon as it is 2024 already. Amari Burney has officially committed to a four-year pact with the Las Vegas Raiders, boasting a total value of $4,005,116.

Amari-BurneyAmari-Burney has a net worth of $300,000Image Source: Instagram 

This lucrative agreement not only includes a noteworthy signing bonus of $165,116 but also ensures that $165,116 is guaranteed. At present, Burney's annual earnings amount to $750,000, with an added touch of a $41,279 signing bonus.

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High School Sports Success Stories

Amari Burney went to Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, Florida. There, he played football as a safety and wide receiver. His good play in high school helped him do well in college football.

Between 2018 and 2021, Amari Burney played college football for the University of Florida Gators. In high school, he was a safety and wide receiver, but in college, he started playing as a linebacker.

Journey to NFL

Amari Burney's path to the NFL unfolded through his collegiate football tenure with the University of Florida, competing for the Florida Gators. Shifting from roles as a safety and wide receiver in high school, he seamlessly transitioned to a linebacker during his university years.

Burney's skills were prominently on display at events like the Senior Bowl, offering him a platform to showcase his abilities directly to NFL scouts. Moreover, the NFL Scouting Combine held significance as a crucial opportunity for college players to affirm their readiness for the professional league.

His Current Stats

Amari Burney's current NFL statistics, including 43 total tackles, 22 solo tackles, 21 assisted tackles, 0.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 3.5 pass deflections, 0 interceptions, 10 yards, a 2.4 average, an 8-yard long, and no touchdowns, can be accessed on ESPN and the official website of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Is Amari In a relationship?

Amari Burney has maintained a private stance regarding his relationship status, refraining from making any public announcements on the matter. Consequently, the details of his current relationship status remain undisclosed to the public.

Amari-BurneyAmari-Burney keeps his love life a secret
Image Source: Instagram 

This intentional privacy creates an air of mystery around his personal life, leaving fans and followers curious about his romantic endeavors. As he continues his journey in the NFL, the focus on his professional career remains paramount, with any personal relationships being kept confidential.

The decision to withhold such information may be a deliberate choice to prioritize his privacy and concentrate on achieving success in his football career without unnecessary distractions.


Amari Burney, throughout his football career, has encountered the adversity of at least one injury. Specifically, in October 2022, he had to prematurely leave a game against Eastern Washington due to a right leg injury. 

The lack of details surrounding the nature and extent of the injury leaves fans and observers in suspense, as they are unaware of the specific challenges and recovery process that Burney underwent during this particular period.

Despite this setback, his resilience and ability to bounce back from injuries contribute to the intrigue of his athletic journey.

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Athlete Versatility: Navigating Positional Changes 

Amari Burney, a professional football player, has been honored with a nomination for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. This distinguished accolade acknowledges NFL players for their exceptional community service initiatives and their excellence on the football field. Burney's nomination underscores his dedication to creating a positive impact beyond the realm of sports.

Amari-BurneyAmari-Burney was honored with Walter Payton Man Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, his versatility and athleticism have garnered recognition, and he has received accolades for his performance in the 2022 season. Despite encountering challenges, such as transitioning positions and navigating the complexities of tackling,

Burney has showcased his potential and seized opportunities to exhibit his skills. His journey in the NFL, particularly his role with the Las Vegas Raiders, has captivated attention, and he remains focused on enhancing his game and making valuable contributions to the team.

Family Background

Amari Burney's family background offers a rich tapestry of support and football connections. His father, Chris Burney, actively shares anecdotes and stories, providing valuable insights into Amari's journey to becoming a senior linebacker for the Florida Gators. Adding to the familial ties within the world of football, Amari's cousin, Brandon Facyson, contributes to the family's athletic legacy as a cornerback for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Additionally, a noteworthy educational link is found in Amari's uncle, who graduated from the University of Florida in 2004, hinting at a potential influence on Amari's academic and career choices. This multifaceted family dynamic enriches the narrative of Amari Burney's personal and professional life, emphasizing support, shared football experiences, and a connection to academic achievements.

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