All About John Higgins's Net Worth, Earnings and Sponsorship Deals. Know His Married Life and Children

Tue Jun,2023
All About John Higgins's Net Worth, Earnings and Sponsorship Deals. Know His Married Life and Children Snooker

John Higgins is a Scottish snooker player who has had an illustrious career in the sport. With 31 career-ranking titles, he stands as the third-highest-ranking event winner in history, only behind Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Hendry. 

Higgins is widely recognized as one of the finest players to have ever graced the game of snooker. His exceptional athleticism on the table, coupled with his versatile skills, has allowed him to maintain a dominant presence within the sport for numerous years. John Higgins has an estimated net worth of $11. 2 Million and enjoys his family life with his wife, Denise Higgins and three Children.

John Higgins Net Worth: How Much is the Worth of John?

John Higgins, the Scottish snooker player, has accumulated an estimated net worth of $11.2 million. While his net worth is impressive, he falls slightly behind Ronnie O'Sullivan, another renowned professional snooker player, whose career earnings are estimated to be around $13,081,234. However, Higgins still ranks as the second-highest earner in terms of career earnings in the world of snooker.

JohnJohn Higgins has an estimated net worth of 11;.2 Million. SOURCE: Instagram- @john.higgins147

When it comes to wealth in the snooker industry, the top five richest players, according to TSA, are Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Dennis Taylor, Jimmy White, and Cliff Thorburn, each with net worths exceeding $15.5 million. Although Higgins falls below them in terms of net worth, his success as a snooker player has still been substantial.

Higgins has amassed a significant portion of his wealth through his professional snooker career. His numerous victories in major tournaments, including four World Championships, three UK Championships, and two Masters titles, have contributed significantly to his earnings. Notably, these achievements have also earned him a total of nine Triple Crown titles, further solidifying his reputation as one of the sport's most accomplished players.

John Higgins Career Earnings and Endorsement Deals: How much has John Earned from Snooker and Sponsorship Deals

John Higgins has amassed a total of $9,452,769 in earnings. In a significant development, Higgins secured a three-year endorsement deal with Negotiate Now, a Scottish online business directory. As part of the agreement, Higgins will serve as the brand ambassador at various events, and his image will be featured in promotional materials, including posters, stationary, and the Negotiate Now Discount card. Notably, the brand's logo will also adorn Higgins' waistcoat during all competitions over the next three years, providing valuable visibility for Negotiate Now.

JohnJohn Higgins has earned more than $9 Million from snooker. SOURCE: Pinterest

In the 2021-2022 season, Higgins emerged victorious in several tournaments, earning a total of £157,500 in prize money according to CueTracker. Notable successes came in events such as the World Grand Prix, the Welsh Open, and the Players Championship. These achievements not only brought financial rewards but also showcased Higgins' exceptional skills on the snooker table.

Another notable triumph for Higgins took place in March 2023 when he clinched the Championship League title. As the champion, he received a £10,000 winner's cheque and an additional £15,000 in bonus prize money accrued throughout the competition. Such victories not only contribute to his career earnings but also serve as a testament to his continued success and competitiveness in the sport.

John Higgins Wife, Denise Higgins: John and Denise are married for Over 2 Decades

John Higgins and Denise Higgins tied the knot in 2000, but details about their courtship and proposal are not publicly available. Denise, known for being a private individual, has limited information about her personal life or professional endeavors.

JohnJohn Higgins keeps his personal life private..  SOURCE: Pinterest: Hughes

He has only shared a single post on his Instagram account and remains inactive on other platforms. It seems that John and Denise prefer to keep their family life away from the public spotlight. Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Williams, and Mark Lazarus are some of the snooker players like John Higgins.

As a career-focused individual, John Higgins has chosen to maintain a level of privacy surrounding his family. While it is known that John and Denise have three children together, further details regarding their names or ages are not disclosed. The couple's dedication to safeguarding their family's privacy aligns with their preference for keeping personal matters out of the public eye.

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John Higgins Children: John and Denise Higgins are parents of Three

John and Denise Higgins are parents to three children, namely Pierce Higgins, Claudia Higgins, and Oliver Higgins, as per available sources. However, specific dates of birth for the children are not disclosed. It is important to note that John Higgins and his family prefer to maintain their privacy, and therefore, limited information is available regarding their personal lives.

John's inclination towards keeping his family's details away from the public demonstrates his desire to shield them from unnecessary scrutiny and allow them to lead a normal life away from the public spotlight. By keeping their personal information private, John and Denise aim to create a sense of normalcy and protect the well-being of their children.

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John Higgins is Retiring from Snooker and Says He Doesn't Want Cringy Retirement Like Roger Federer: Higgins' Snooker Stats

Following his quarter-final defeat at the World Championship, Scottish snooker player John Higgins has hinted at the possibility of retirement, expressing his desire to avoid a "cringy" farewell similar to that of tennis player Roger Federer.

With an impressive career record, including 31 career ranking titles, four World Championships, three UK Championships, and two Masters titles, Higgins holds a prominent position in the sport. Having turned professional in 1992, Higgins has enjoyed remarkable success, reaching the top of the rankings after winning the 1998 Embassy World Championship. 

He made history during the same tournament by becoming the first player to achieve three consecutive century breaks in a World Championship match and recording 14 centuries in a professional tournament. While contemplating retirement, Higgins has also set a personal criterion for his decision. He stated that if he falls out of the top 16 in the world rankings during the upcoming season, he may seriously consider retiring from professional snooker.

However, no definitive retirement plans have been announced as of yet. Beyond his career achievements, statistical analysis reveals Higgins' impressive performance on the snooker table. He has played 350 frames, winning 197 of them, and boasts a frames-won percentage of 56.29%. Throughout his career, he has played 8,310 shots, averaging 23.74 shots per frame, and has made breaks over 50.