Alireza Beiranvand Injured within Ten Mins! And Subbed!

by Vicky Mon Nov,2022
Alireza Beiranvand Injured within Ten Mins! And Subbed!

In the eighth minute of the ongoing game between England and Iran, the first-choice goalkeeper, Alireza Beiranvand, is injured after colliding with his teammate. Alireza tried to defend the goal from England's striker!

Alireza's nose clashed with one of his teammates, almost knocking the goalie out. After the bump, the Iranian goalkeeper stayed on the floor counting stars for a moment.

The fans eagerly waited for the game to continue, as the officials halted it for around eight minutes. In the sixteenth minute of the match, the Iranian goalkeeper called for the switch—the substitute goalkeeper Hossein Hosseini.

Beiranvand received the crowd's cheer, but the injured GK kicked it back to the waiting English footballer. 

Beiranvand tried to tough it out and walk it off. However, his collision with his teammate led him to be taken out of the field on a stretcher. 

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