Aimee-Leigh Poulter

by Ramin 03 Feb,2020
Aimee-Leigh Poulter
Personal Info
  • Famous Name
  • Birth Name Aimee-Leigh Poulter
  • Famous Name Aimee-Leigh Poulter
  • Birth Date 2002
  • Father Ian Poulter
  • Mother Katie Poulter
  • Siblings Luke Poulter, Joshua Polter, and Lily-Mai Grace Poulter.
  • No. of Instagram Followers 8251
  • No. of Siblings 3
  • Ethnicity white
  • Current City Orlando, Florida

Aimee-Leigh Poulter is the daughter of Ian Poulter, an English professional golfer. She is the oldest among four children on Ian and his wife Katie. Her father Ian has an estimated net worth of $60 million. Being the daughter of a millionaire, she has been living a fancy lifestyle and is enjoying her life to the fullest. However, the young Aimee is a Planet lover who also became vegan for the cause.     

Currently 18 years old, Aimee was born in 2002 and is the oldest among 4 children of her parents. She has 3 siblings named Luke, Lily Mai, and Joshua. Aimee and her sister Lily were born before their parents' marriage.

Aimee-Leigh Poulter Net Worth in 2020

The 18-years-old certainly young to have her own earnings and net worth of her own but she enjoys her father's net worth which is a whopping $60 million dollars. Certainly being the daughter of a millionaire has its own benefits. The 18-years-old is seen on multiple vacation trips with her friends and family. She enjoys jungle safari and after the trip with the elephants, also bathes them in the shelter. 

Aimee's father Ian with his Mercedes car SOURCE: [email protected]

Having a line-up of different sportscar and big mansion around the world is another perk to belonging to a rich family but not for Aimee, she drives a Range Rover as her casual ride. 

Though she has everything in the world, she is among the most down-to-earth person and doesn't like to show off her father's properties and live a simple yet lavish life.

Is the 18-years-old Dating someone?

The 18-year-old is not dating anyone but with her looks and persona, there must be tons of boys trying to know her better and be her potential, someone.

Aimee-Leigh Poulter with her cousins SOURCE: [email protected]

However, Aimee is still too young to be in a relationship. The only guys in her life right now are her family members. She is growing up to be a beautiful girl and her character is definitely of someone who will certainly flourish in her future endeavors.

Parents: Ian Poulter and Katie Poulter

Ian Poulter is the father of Amiee-Leigh Poulter who is an English professional golfer and a member of the World's top two professional golf tours, the U.S.-based PGA Tour and the European Tour. he turned pro in 1995 and previously been ranked as high as number 5 in the world ranking.

Aimee-Leigh Poulter hugging her father SOURCE: [email protected]

Ian is married to wife Katie Poulter who has four children and lives in Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Orlando, Florida. They have two daughters and two sons together. They are Aimee-Leigh Poulter, Luke Poulter, Joshua Polter, and Lily-Mai Grace Poulter.

Instagram Page into Fitness Page

she enjoys spending time on the gym and eating healthy to maintain good health and live a long life. She started her fitness workout in July 2018. Being motivated to workout and gaining a beautiful body inspired her to change her Instagram page to a full-time fitness page where she entertains Q/A as well. 

Aimee-Leigh Poulter at the GYM SOURCE: [email protected]

The Instagram page has an incredible following of 8251 followers and the count keeps increasing. The changes after her fitness course are pretty obvious and show how good her body and health are improving.

Dags: Bentley and Enzo

Bentley and Enzo are the heart of Aimee-leigh Poulter whom she adores a lot. Bentley and Enzo might sound like the name of a car but they are the two dogs owned by Aimee.

She loves to play along with them and has a lot of fun with the friendly canine. The two-match the personality of the owner very much and loves their owner very much.

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